Friday, January 2, 2015

Adventuring // New Year's Day Date with Deborah

Every year for the past... oh, I don't even know how many... years, this girl and I have gotten together on December 26th to wander the mall, eat lunch and split a Cinnabon, and catch up on EVERYTHING.

This year, life got in the way of our regular plans, but when she asked if I was free New Year's Day to hang out, I was like, "I can't think of a better way to bring in a new year, dear!" And indeed. Twas lovely. She needs to live closer so we can do this more than just once a year. *pointed look* Hee.

The ongoing joke yesterday was that she's the best boyfriend ever. I mean. My mom loves her. My dad thinks she's super awesome. She arrived right when she said she would. She picked up the tab for lunch without making it feel awkward {our understanding is that once I have a real job, I can return the favor. And then from there on out, she gets dinner, I get dessert. We're aware of the differences in salary between a ChemE and a Comm major. *sheepish*}.

Being the "girlfriend" in this bestie relationship is a novel feeling for me. Especially since a few days before this, the college besties and I were laughing about how I'm competing with Stephen for the title of "best boyfriend" to Steph. Qualifications for that particular title include having killed a bug for her {I have, he sorta has (she killed it, he cleaned it up)}, bringing her flowers {tie}, and the ability to wink suggestively {I can, he can't}.

Back on topic, Debrr and I drove around trying to figure out where to have lunch in town. Turns out, a bunch of places were closed because of New Year's, but Google and Yelp didn't report different hours for the holiday. So we had to just keep a lookout for "OPEN" signs.

Deciding something had to be open in the Village, we parked the car and made our way to Aroma {Indian food}. I'd never been here during lunch {their dinner takeout options are pretty good though} and I must say. Not bad, not bad at all. If you're a fan of trying a little of everything and/or are indecisive, they have a lunch buffet just for you! Or you could simply order off the regular menu if that's more your speed. Debrr and I went with the try a bit of everything plan. And it was delicious. Also, their naan. Yes.

After running into people we knew {or that I knew and who semi-recognized Debrr}, we went looking for dessert/somewhere to sit and continue talking. We considered pie for about ten minutes, which was how long it took for us to go nowhere in line at Shari's-- they were quite the busy. Seeing as how Debrr didn't need pie that badly and I didn't really want to stand there any longer, we went back to Loard's for ice cream instead.

They were also pretty packed, but service was definitely quicker. She got Black Cherry Walnut {I think?} and I got Champagne Sherbet {which tastes a tad like bubblegum, but more fizzy}.

I really do miss this girl. Not only does she keep me grounded and give solid advice, but I know that she's got my back no matter what's going on in life. Friends who know all your secrets are the greatest. Cause there's no need to pretend everything's peachy and when you admit your fears/doubts/worries, they know just how to allay them.

She headed back to New York last night and had a full day of travel ahead of her, but she still took the time to swing by and make sure my parents were okay and that we had time to talk before she went back to work. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. She and I have fought like it was World War III at times, but she really is the best.

Girl, go get that promotion/transfer back to Cali. Come home and bring that boy of yours back long enough so I can finally meet him. I promise I won't chatter his ear off or expect him to be super social. (:

Love you, Debrr dear. Stay safe on the other side of the country.

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