Friday, January 24, 2014

Let's Be Friends! I Promise I'm Not Sketchy.

I've been putting off writing this oh-so-important first post of The Everyday Thoughts for almost a month now. I'm just not quite sure what to say as an intro/hello.

Basically, this:

Hello there, awesome person! Welcome to The Everyday Thoughts. I'm Samantha and this is my space for random stories and thought tangents and whatever else I happen to feel like writing about.

I've made the mistake in the past of trying to make my blog too specific and definitive {you can read about that here}, which not only felt creatively-stifling {is that a thing? I say that's a thing}, but gave me very little room to grow and adapt to life changes.

This time around, things will be different.

I'm so glad {and thankful} you've decided to come along for the ride; I'm a firm believer in talking to strangers {my mother never actually told me not to, so I grew up to become that cheery person in the airplane seat next to you, who somehow learns your life story in the hour it takes to get from the Bay Area to LA} which means I'd love to get to know you and hear/read your stories, too.

So, let's be blog buddies! I think you're pretty cool, and hopefullymaybe you think I'm not sketchy, so let's be friends! (:


If you'd like, you can read college-Sam's thoughts here. Lots of adventuring and apartment life!

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