Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekend Reading Material // No. 40

^ Bubblegum Love via AcquaPhoto ^

No. 40 // January 14-15, 2017

+ Took this "Where Should You Go Next?" travel quiz aaand... got San Francisco. O.o 

+ Self control is just empathy with your future self

+ That colored streak of hair... although, Happy Quinn on Scorpion doesn't have one and she's still awesomeness. I guess that's progress?

+ While I lack a permanent travel buddy, these are still some excellent couple travel photography tips.

+ Friendship at first sight does exist. Or as Anne Shirley so aptly put it, "kindred spirits."


First week of my last semester ever complete! It was a crazy one (they've squished all the practical learning [as opposed to academic knowledge] into our last semester, so our brains are on overload), so yay for Monday being a holiday! Hope y'all have a great three-day weekend, friends!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Thoughts // No. 7

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No. 7 // January 2-7, 2017

+ This week, the padre, the pupper, and I explored Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline, Oakland Chinatown, and Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. Taking advantage of my last break of the yeaaaar!

+ The padre and I also cleared out the pantry. You know it's been a while when you find things in there from the 1990s... O.o

+ I baked carrot cake muffins with raisins and cream cheese frosting! Breakfast and dessert in one!

+ It was the first week of using my Passion Planner. In addition to that, I also use a notebook for to-do lists and a small pocket calendar-- paper goods, for the win!

+ Blogging again has been fun and I've definitely enjoyed this past week of having posts scheduled and ready to go. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up the same schedule as school starts back up, but I'll try! Having a creative outlet and stress reliever will be good for me, I think. Write all the things!

+ According to Pandora, I listened to over 6,700 songs, spanning about 405 hours last year. Sheesh. O.o

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Weekend Reading Material // No. 39

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No. 39 // January 7-8, 2017

+ The STSS Adventure to Utah has been planned out; although due to scheduling conflicts, it most likely won't occur this year. However! We will definitely be keeping these national park pass tips in mind when we go!

+ I'm pretty sure I'll fall into the "Not A Great Mother" category, too. :P

+ A longread, but I really want to live in a playborhood someday, kidlet or no kidlet.


Oy, I haven't done one of these in a long time. The last time I wrote one, the blurb down here at the bottom talked about Patrick going on his first outing around people... whereas just this week, he went on three hikes (one off-leash and super muddy), gently sniffed Janelly's cat, walked around a two-story OSH, and did beautifully in crowded Oakland Chinatown. Improvement!

This is the last weekend before I head back to school for my LAST SEMESTER EVER, which means I would like to go do something fun, but it's supposed to rain three inches, so. Maybe not. ): I'll probably just be hanging out at home, prepping for the first week of school. Siiigh.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are, friends!

Friday, January 6, 2017

The 2017 List

{Documenting adventures in my new Passion Planner}

A few things I wouldn't mind accomplishing this year...

+ Visit 5-7 more EBRPD parks with dog and parentals.
+ Go on a road trip with Janelly.
+ Plan STSS 2017 trip.
+ Explore more of San Francisco.
+ Visit Ruth (St. Louis, MO) or Debrr (Urbana, IL).
+ Keep track of wages and set aside 10% for travel.
+ Take solo trip somewhere.
+ Go to a Giants game.
+ Show Patrick snow.
+ Try 1 new restaurant per month.

+ Get back to blogging (at least once a week).
+ Send 5 letters or cards (that aren't thank you cards) to separate people.
+ Show Mom CreativeLive, Skillshare, and other learning websites.
+ Send 4 surprise care packages to friends.
+ Listen to 10 podcasts.
+ Reach 300 followers on Patrick's instagram.
+ Get Dear Dog Photography's instagram back up and running. 

+ Enroll Patrick in more doggy classes/get him to be less reactive to people and doggers.
+ Make 2 bowties and 2 bandanas for Patrick and his friends.
+ Eat out with Patrick there.
+ Volunteer at the local shelter at least once every 2 weeks for 2 hours.

+ Get 6+ hours of sleep at least 3x/week.
+ Try rock-climbing.
+ Try biking with the dog.
+ Finish my large water bottle every day.

Self-Improvement Related:
+ Graduate OT school with good grades.
+ Do my best during Fieldwork II.
+ Bake 3 new things.
+ Practice handlettering.
+ Drive to 1 new place every 2 weeks to practice driving.
+ Keep room clean and begin to glean through the stuff in there.
+ Get a haircut.
+ Do less complaining and more encouraging.
+ Keep van as neat and clean as it is now.
+ Write more.

I'll try to document as I go; the padre, pupper, and I already crossed off a new-to-us East Bay Regional Park yesterday, so we're doing good! Let me know if there's anything on this list that you'd like to join me for or if there is anything you think I might like to try this year! <3

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

List Love // A 2016 Recap

{Outside the Seattle Art Museum; photo credit: Steph}

So as stated in the previous post, it's been over 525 days since last I wrote. And a bunch of stuff has happened since then. Granted, nothing drastic and no grand milestone moments, but still. So just in case anyone was wondering what I was up to {and also just for my own journaling need}, here's an abbreviated version of my 2016...

+ Began my second semester of OT school.
+ Continued to work part-time at a local tutoring center.
+ Hung out with coworkers a few times.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ Hung out with Janelly & Debrr individually several times (including a cake tasting for Debrr's wedding-- AUGH!)

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ First anniversary of Zoe being gone.
+ Had way too many all-day Saturday classes.
+ Went to Silicon Valley Comic Con with Janelly.
+ Celebrated Patrick's first birthday.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More all-day Saturday classes.
+ Gave a bunch of in-class presentations.
+ Wrote several looooong papers.
+ Finished finals.
+ Had dinner and caught up with a college friend.

+ More work.
+ Did three weeks of fieldwork-- first two weeks at a mental health setting, third week at a physical disabilities setting.
+ Celebrated the parentals' 31st anniversary.
+ Explored some of downtown San Jose with Tommeh.

Last bit of May and almost all of June:
+ More work.
+ I have no idea what else I did because I forgot to write it down in my calendar thingmerbob.
+ I do know I wrote 40+ pages of field reports in six days because... heh... procrastinator.

+ More work.
+ Did another week of fieldwork-- this time a pediatric setting.
+ Went to basic obedience classes with Patrick.
+ Spent a lot of time watching my friends play PokemonGo while hanging out with them.
+ Had several hangouts with Debrr, Ruth, and Janelly in the span of, like, one weekend, becauuuse...
+ Attended Debrr's WEDDING.
+ Turned 25 and celebrated padre's 61st.
+ Had dinner and caught up with another college friend.
+ Began volunteering at the local animal shelter to walk dogs.

+ More work.
+ Met up with Evelyn and Ivy for lunch and adventuring.
+ Did a lot of cleaning and organizing.
+ Watched a lot of Olympics.
+ Adventured to Seattle and Portland for five days for our annual STSS Adventure. It was eventful and quite a learning experience.

+ More work.
+ Began exploring new-to-us East Bay Regional Parks with the padre and pupper.
+ Ran a lot of errands in preparation for starting school again.
+ Started second year of OT school.
+ Attended K9 Therapy Dog Training sessions with Patrick.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More K9 Therapy Dog Training sessions.
+ More hiking with the padre and pupper.
+ Celebrated the madre's birthday.
+ Wrote a lot of papers.
+ Made a lot of presentations.
+ Went to the Bay Area Pet Fair with the parentals and pupper.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More K9 Therapy Dog Training sessions.
+ More hiking with the padre and pupper.
+ Celebrated Thanksgiving with the parentals.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More hiking with the padre and pupper.
+ Participated in my cohort's Secret Santa gift exchange.
+ Won a Passion Planner via Instagram.
+ Completed finals right before Christmas.
+ Watched several movies with the parentals (Up, Kung Fu Panda, Tangled, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Ocean's 11-13, New Year's Eve).
+ Made five batches of waffles on Christmas Day.
+ Did some annual after-Christmas shopping with Janelly and Brittani.
+ Deep-cleaned the van-- it's SO CLEAN.

So that was my year. A lot of school, a lot of work. All in all, though, a pretty good year. Much improved from 2014 when I was in limbo trying to figure out what I was going to do after college. :P Yay for getting a little better at adulting? 

Monday, January 2, 2017

One Little Word // Embrace

{Patrick on the lookout for adventuuure!}

Starting anew isn't hard. New years, new notebooks, new planners, new friendships? Love those. Great at those. Starting again? Starting again is hard for me. It's like running into a middle school acquaintance you aren't sure if you should acknowledge or not. It's been a long while, you aren't sure if they remember you, and even if they do, what do you say about the large amount of time that has passed?

The last post on this blog was July 25, 2015. That's a year and a half ago. That's 527 days. That's a long time.

I always get stuck on whether or how to explain my absence. It wasn't intentional, but I think it was necessary. Eventually I'll get around to recapping individual events, but not today.


My One Little Word for 2015 was "fearless"; this year, I've chosen "embrace" as a concept to focus on throughout 2017.

I'm not a big hugger. So "embrace" doesn't mean I plan on going around enveloping friends and strangers left and right. But it does mean that I want to embrace opportunities, challenges, adventures, friendships, and my own quirks.

To give a quick overview of this upcoming year, January to the end of April will be spent finishing the classroom portion of my graduate program. From late May to mid-December, I will be completing two three-month fieldwork placements. Besides that week or two in early May, my entire calendar is already scheduled and my time accounted for. It's kind of hard to make big plans and grand resolutions when I know what my year looks like-- homework, projects, and unpaid 40 hour work weeks.

In spite of or perhaps due to the fact that everything has already been scripted out for me, I want to keep the following things in mind as the year progresses:

+ Embrace opportunities. // I know I've been given a great opportunity to study occupational therapy and that it wouldn't be possible without a lot of parental assistance, both logistically and financially. But sometimes I forget to be grateful when stressed or frustrated or tired. I need to work on being more thankful for what I have, as well as looking for chances to make professional connections that may be useful in the future.

+ Embrace challenges. // This would be where I say something like, "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger," or "I need to step out of my comfort zone." The former of which is a saying that bugs me (there are plenty of things that won't kill you, but leave you weaker), but the latter is definitely true. I need to remember that challenges and other achievable things that cause me apprehension are things from which I can learn and grow.

+ Embrace adventure. // Even though pretty much all my weekdays are spoken for in 2017, I want to still go outside and enjoy non-school-related things from time to time. So I'm penciling in hikes with the pupper and padre, weekend hangouts with coworkers, and maybe a solo trip to visit friends living out-of-state. Adventure doesn't even need to be a "me physically going somewhere new" thing; it's a mindset and I hope to revel in it this upcoming year.

+ Embrace friendships. // I'm not the best at keeping in touch with my friends, unless I can see them face to face. Oh, I'm decently informed about what's happening in their lives, thanks to Facebook and Instagram, but I rarely am the first to reach out and schedule meet-ups. This year, I want to get a little better at that. I still can't promise I'll respond asap to text messages, but I hope to send out more letters and cards, since snail mail is more my style. If you'd like a note or two, make sure I have your address, please! (:

+ Embrace my own quirks. // In 2015, I wanted to be more "fearless"; only problem is, I'm not that by any definition of the word. I'm a naturally cautious person, a practical/logistics person, a planner. I have my moments of "let's do this random spontaneous act that's mildly reckless to the rest of the world, but oh so daring to me," but they're few and far between. This year, I'm vowing to be more accepting of all facets of my personality and not apologize for or try to change them. Self-confidence. I'll be working on that.

I'm excited to see what this year has in store for us all. It's bound to be interesting at least. Here's to a 2017 where there's more good than bad and more love than hate. <3

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 38

Constance Lyu // Nerdy Bookshelves
^ via Constance Lyu ^

No. 38 // July 25-26, 2015

+ Because food made "for women" is not just a super obvious marketing ploy, but also just plain terrible. I can say that because this guy tried eating nothing but "female food" for two weeks and wrote about it.

+ STEBEN'S GETTING MURRIED. Not, like, this instant, but his engagement photos came out a couple weeks ago and auuuugh, SO ADORBS. Also. Bookstores. Yes.

+ Dear People Who Live in Tiny Fancy Houses... {and subsequent/related response articles}.

+ Additionally, besties who built their own community. STSS is down. Now to find the perfect location...

+ And I really really want to stay at this cliffside {literally} hotel in Peru. Because that HAS to be awesome. I'd probably go with the zip-lining option over climbing up there though.


Happy weekend, friends! We're working on increasing Patrick's exposure to strangers and new things, so we'll be taking him to a campfire thing tonight that the parentals are volunteering at... wish us luck!