Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On Baby Faces and Small Dogs

Two things from yesterday.

1. The machine that makes ID cards at the community college was finally working again. Which meant I had to go get my picture taken, so I could get my card, so I could use the OpenLab for Graphic Design to get my homework done.

I think the guy taking my picture thought I was, like, seventeen or eighteen. He asked me if this was my first semester at college. When I replied, "No, I've taken another class here before, but the one I'm taking this quarter requires an ID card," he started talking about how we're actually on the semester system and that if I go to a UC, they use the quarter system.

I was like, "Yeahhh. Just came from there. O.o"

He didn't seem convinced.

2. I ran for the BART train yesterday afternoon.

Also, I have a tendency to wear dangly, jingle-bell earrings.

How do these two things relate, you ask?

Well, everyone kept stepping back and looking around curiously as I approached them on the sidewalk because they thought there was a small dog on the loose.

Because my jingly earrings sound suspiciously like dog tags when they're moving back and forth quickly.

It was a little awkward, but I was in a rush and I didn't know these people, so it was okay.

Upside, they all got out of my way which was nice 'cause I was in a hurry.

Downside, they thought I was a small dog. ):

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