Saturday, February 8, 2014

Proof of Night Owl Tendencies

Ask any of my friends {especially the college ones} and they'll tell you "Sam's a night owl."

I'm one of those people who stay up late, but can still wake up early in the morning energized to get to class/internship/work. I tend to work best between 11pm-9am, usually when all is quiet and dark and there are few distractions. Odd, I know.

To demonstrate this lovely ability, here's what I did today {and I was surprisingly productive considering the timeline}:

8:00pm, Thursday night: text the besties about a webcamming session Sunday night; fall asleep like a senior citizen.

1:00am, Friday morning: wake up; watch Thursday's episode of Big Bang Theory on CBS' website, which I missed because I'd fallen asleep; mess around on the computer {stare at my HTML homework and the internship application I need to get done today and wish they would do themselves}.

3:45am, Friday: try to go back to sleep since I wasn't being as productive as I'd like; fail.

4:00am, Friday: realize I'm hungry and definitely not going back to sleep; empty the inbox and clear Firefox of Pinterest tabs; fold a load of clean laundry.

4:55am, Friday: Dad leaves to go fishing with his brother.

5:00am, Friday: head downstairs with my computer, its charger, and my phone to work at a real table {everything before this was done sprawled out on my bed, under the covers... well, not the folding laundry, but everything else}; toast half a bagel and drink some blueberry juice; put the clean dishes away; get distracted by the dog; do homework.

7:30am, Friday: decide I should probably try this sleep thing again; hibernate computer; go back to bed.

10:00am, Friday: wake up; let the dog out/feed her; wash the dirty dishes; take an artsy picture of my BruinLife yearbook for Instagram; start that internship application.

12:30pm, Friday: almost done with the application, but get hungry again; eat lunch; let the dog out again; take a short Pinterest break before proofreading the app again.

1:00pm, Friday: Mom comes downstairs and Dad gets back from fishing in the rain; I move upstairs to work because it's too loud downstairs.

2:30pm, Friday: finish application and send it in; blog-reading break.

3:00pm, Friday: go downstairs to run the dog, in the rain {don't worry, both of us had raincoats on}.

3:35pm, Friday: come back in and start up the HTML homework again; wash pans so Mom can cook dinner.

6:00pm, Friday: feed the dog; help Mom with dinner.

6:30pm, Friday: dinner with the parentals while watching Modern Family, then Jeopardy Battle of the Decades.

7:30pm, Friday: return to homework and taking notes.

10:30pm, Friday: call it a night and pack up the homework; dessert!

11:00pm, Friday: get ready for bed; catch up on Twitter articles; look up a few job descriptions.

12:25am, Saturday: start writing this post.

And who knows how long I'll stay up tonight. Still not tired and it's 1:00am. Hmm.

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