Thursday, April 3, 2014

Once Upon a Time Commentary // "Witch Hunt": First Dates & Tight Pants

The besties and I have a fondness for ABC's Once Upon a Time. That used to mean the four of us sprawled out on the floor in front of a laptop, with closed captioning {because I'm old like that} and snacks {usually Steph-provided}, after GOC on Friday nights.

But since Steph and I have graduated and no longer live in Westwood, this routine has changed to mean biweekly-ish OUAT-watching parties via GChat, with earbuds, lots of background noise, and no snacks {mostly because we start watching around eleven pm AND Steph and I pretend to live normal people hours now AND Stephen and Tommy haven't even eaten dinner yet, so. *roll eyes*}. For some reason, I always have the longest sets of commercials out of the four of us, so thanks for that, Hulu. *side eye*

Even though I now live in a house with a television and could technically watch OUAT at its regularly scheduled time on Sundays, I usually chose to wait for these kidlets to be free so we can all watch together. Because their commentary kills me. And I miss their faces.

Here are some of the highlights from Season 3, Episode 13, "Witch Hunt":

Camera pans the town hall meeting from left to right after Regina vanishes in a poof of smoke, and we see the Wicked Witch hidden amongst the crowd, sneaky-evil-grinning.
"Well. That's the best disguise alright."
"Yeah. Not being green is pretty great."

Regina and Robin Hood are picking their way through the underground maze filled with death traps. We the audience know that they're "twue wuvs," but the two characters haven't figured that out yet.
Me: "Hey guys? Just so you know. This is not the best first date idea."
Stephen: "Heh. Well, yeahhh. We all know the best first date idea is..."
Stephen & Tommy: "DEL TACO."
Steph & Me: "Oy."
{running inside joke. but still. *facepalm*}

Robin Hood, his Merry Men, Hook, and Charming are making their way through the woods surrounding Storybrooke, trying to find Little John.
Tommy: HOW do you search for someone in pants that tight? {referring to Hook's skintight leather pants}
Stephen: How do you do ANYTHING in pants that tight.

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