Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Frozen's Effect on the Parentals

The Definition of Love, According to Frozen

+ It only took us, what, six months to finally watch Frozen? Our local RedBox was always "sold out" because this town is full of small children who love animated Disney movies as much as your average college student. Darn them.

+ As soon as the movie ended and the credits rolled, Mother was like, "AGAIN!" So we did. #backtoback

+ And then because we paid RedBox for a full 24 hour lending period, the parentals watched it twice more the next day. Not even kidding.

+ Frozen now has the privilege of joining the very exclusive club, "Animated Movies My Dad Will Watch Without Falling Asleep." The other only member is G-Force. You know, with the super-spy, talking guinea pigs...

+ When I asked my madre why she was up so early a few days later, she quoted Anna at me: "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to plaaay!"

+ Mother's latest thing is the shopkeeper's "YOOHOO!" It has replaced all greeting words in her vocabulary {like hey, hello, you there, etc}. It is also used to fill any awkward silences. *shakes head*

+ Anytime Idina Menzel comes on the radio nowadays, Daddy continues his attempt to learn all the lyrics to "Let It Go."

+ So yeah. I think the parentals are fans.

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