Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adventuring // Canine Comforts in Oakland

Canine Comforts Oakland // Cosmo in Front of the Store
^ This is Cosmo, the Canine Comforts mascot, saying hello. ^
Canine Comforts Oakland // Cosmo & Friend
^ Please excuse my squinty, awkward face. It happens. ^
Canine Comforts Oakland // Conversation & Treat Bar
^ The white blur in the left picture is a waggy tail. The amazingness on the right is what Zoe was sniffling rather pointedly while we were in the store. As if to say, "If I drool on it, they'll have to buy it, right? And if they buy it, MORE FOR ME."
Canine Comforts Oakland // Interior of Store
Canine Comforts Oakland // Treat Section
^ If you look closely at the purple-ish bag in the middle row, it says "Lung Puffs", which cracks me up. Like, whaaat? Lung puffs? That's a thing? ^
Canine Comforts Oakland // Doggy Customer
^ Look at that face. Dog knows how to take pictures, that's for sure. ^

Picked up our complimentary doggie gift bag from the EBSPCA Adopt-a-thon.


Who: Mom, Zoe, & I 
Where: Canine Comforts in Oakland, near Jack London Square
When: Saturday at 12 PM 

The Place: A few blocks away from the main entrance to Jack London Square, there's an adorable pet boutique that goes by the name Canine Comforts. As my parents and I were wandering around the EBSPCA Adopt-a-thon Saturday, we were handed a flyer and told that if we stopped by the shop that day and showed them that flyer, we could pick up a complimentary gift bag for the Zoe.

Although the store is somewhat small in terms of square feet, it's big on selection and service. If your average large pet retailer were curated, so that only the excellent, "good-for-your-dog" stuff remained, it'd be like that. Plus, the staff behind the counter are more than willing to simply talk with you, without constantly trying to sell you something, while you're browsing.

What We Did: Originally, we weren't planning to visit the shop. One, both Daddy's knees and Zoe were getting tired and just wanted to go home. Two, we didn't know where this place was and didn't quite feel like driving around Oakland while looking lost. Three, Zoe really doesn't need any more toys or treats.

But we ended up very glad we stopped in because not only did Zoe find a new treat-giving best friend {thanks guys!}, but Mom got to trade dog stories with one of the ladies. We did buy a bag of doggie treats, so all in all, Zoe considered it a very, very good day.

Tips: Just so you know...
+ This particular area of town is just beginning to fill with small businesses and shops, so it's not the most bustling place around. However, since several of the nearby storefronts are still up for lease, there IS plenty of parking to be found within an easy block's walking distance. It's metered, just fyi. {Since we had three people and one dog, Daddy chose to wait in the car}.

Conclusion: This is a great place to stop by if you're in the area and would love to have someone exclaim over your beloved pooch. For us personally, Canine Comforts is a bit far to visit on a regular basis, but the owners are super sweet and very helpful, so go check it out with your own dog friend! Thanks, Canine Comforts, for supporting pet adoptions!


Canine Comforts
308 Jackson Street
Oakland, CA 94607


Support your local small businesses, guys! (:

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