Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Overheard // The Ickle Girlikins & the Great Grandma Steph Thug

This is a real texting conversation that occurred between me and Mickeyla while she was stuck at LAX the other day. 98.5% word-for-word. {There was a short discussion about where I was finding the photos included in this conversation that wasn't necessary to the storyline}.

And for those of you who know Steph in real life, you'll catch a lot more of the inside jokes here. Heh. Love you, Stephie. Thanks for making a thoroughly entertaining, imaginary villain.


Mickey: Juuust missed the Flyaway. Now I'm stuck waiting an hour for the next one. Wheeeee...

Sam: Ewww. I'll keep you company!
Sam: Once upon a tiiiiiime, there was a little girlikin. {Author Note: "ickle girlikin" is what I call Mickey sometimes. just fyi}.

M: Ooooooh, storytime?? (:

S: And this ickle girlikin had the most adorable dimples in all the land.
S: They were sooooo adorable, that folks came from miles and miles to admire their dimple-ness.
S: *poke poke poke*

Besties // Steph Poking Mickeyla's Dimples
^ *squishy face* (from this post) ^

M: Poking the dimples, however, was a privilege reserved for only the bestest friends. (:
M: [Also-- ew, where'd you scrounge up that pic? Lol.]

S: But this ickle girlikin refused to be solely known for her dimples. She wanted adventure! She wanted excitement! She wanted "to be part of that woooooooooorld! What would I give, if I could live, out of this water... Wait."

Besties // Gangster Mickeyla & Thug Steph
^ hardcore thinking face: "now where can I find adventure..." (from this post) ^

M: She thought loooong and hard about that question... she didn't have a lovely voice or beautiful hair to sell, so she gave up her smile.
M: (... Is that too predictable/depressing?)

S: So the ickle girlikin decided to go on an epic journey. Where she encountered wonders like the Grandma Steph Thugs and...

M: [And hahahaha at that pic!]
M: ><

S: Hee.

Besties // Mickeyla with Hat
^ getting ready for a long trip requires careful planning & smile suppressing ^

M: Okay, I like your story better. Will stop interrupting. :D
M: Grandma Thug Steph sounds like a really interesting character. Hehe...

S: As she traveled, and people along the way tried their bestest to make her laugh so they could go back to admiring her dimples, she sometimes thought back to happier times when smiling wasn't as dangerous and time-consuming.

Besties // Sam & Mickeyla in Hawaii
^ remembering fonder times when smiling was easy (from this post) ^

S: Her first encounter with the Great Grandma Steph Thug was more than a little memorable. Tricked into thinking the GGST was sweet and nice, the ickle girlikin gratefully accepted a carriage ride from one kingdom to the next.
S: However, little did she know that the GGST was planning on heavening it up on the way there! {Author Note: driving so recklessly that you may end up in heaven instead of your intended destination}.

M: *GASP* Nooooo...


M: [*hee* You make me smile, too.]

S: As they sloshed through the swamps and lurched down steep cliffs, the IG thought for sure her smiles and dimples had vanished forever and that an expression of terror would be permanently etched instead.
S: The GGST cackled evilly. "Heh heh heh. Once I have you in my kitchen lair, I'll fatten you up, my pretty. You're much too stickular for your own good! More cookies for youuuuu!"

M: Wait, but that doesn't sound terrible at all! Ohhhh, I know. GGST must have been hatching some tricksy ploy to get IG to smile, so GGST could poke her dimples. *gasp* How dastardly.

S: [You've figured out the plot of this story, sir!]
S: [... OR HAVE YOU???]
S: They arrived at a large invisible castle on the beach. "See??? Isn't this SoCal weather better than your silly northern weather? I need sunshine, my dear, and your dimples will shine brighter than a MILLION SUNS."

M: hahahahahahaha.

S: And so the GGST proceeded to feed the IG. And every time the IG protested she couldn't eat another bite, the GGST scoffed and patted the IG on the head. "Ohh, but look at these arms! And look! Look! I can probably count your ribs!"
S: Which of course led to a tickle fight.

Besties // Mickeyla at Class 302
^ see look. there's the IG eating. ^

M: [Ohnooooooes, the IG is falling into the trap!]
M: And a tickle fight?! NOOOOO. That IS quite terrible.

S: Suddenly, the GGST was blinded! The IG's dimples had returned full force due to uncontrollable laughter! "THE MILLION SUNS. THEY'VE BURNED MY EYES!"
S: The IG quickly realized that she could use this to her advantage. If she just kept grinning, the GGST wouldn't be able to see her escape!
S: As she tiptoed her way around invisible walls and navigated over invisible moats, the IG kept smiling. "Just keep smiling, just keep smiling, smiling, smiling, smiling, smiling..."
S: "42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!... Wait."
S: At last, IG was Into The Woods, free and triumphant! She'd successfully made her "ESCAHPEH!"
S: As she made her way back to her kingdom, because after all, "there's no place like home," the IG contemplated how to use her superpowers for good. Could ALL GGSTs be defeated by a million sun smile? Could she harness her million sun smile's solar energy and power things all around the world? Could her million sun smile enable her to flyyy?
S: I mean, these were very important questions.

Besties // Skeptical Mickeyla
^ contemplating important questions (from this post) ^

M: Hehhh. And so the IG continued her journey, traipsing all over the world, finding the answers to each of her questions through scientific reasoning, careful observation, and trial and error.

S: And gut reaction.

M: Ooh.
M: And of course the dimples of a million suns. No other weapons necessary.


M: (And with her trusty chronicler-photographer-storyteller alongside her?)
M: [By the way-- just got on the Flyaway! Yayyy!]

S: (Whoot! Take me with you!)
S: [Okies, dearie, go take a nap on the bus. STAY SAFE.]

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