Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 10

No. 10 // July 19-20, 2014 {Video Edition}

+ Just in case you missed it {although, really, how could you have? EVERYONE'S watching American Ninja Warrior this summer}, this is Kacy Catanzaro's Dallas Final. She's ridiculous. And the best. Gahhh, can't handle her awesomeness. 

+ One of my favorite clips of Captain Hook and Emma Swan from the Once Upon a Time season three finale. *deep siiigh*

+ My mother likes America's Got Talent. I'm not its biggest fan-- there are just way too many ridiculous acts on the show to make it worth my while to watch. *ick* But this comedienne's ninety second audition was pretty great.

+ The other day, my mother asked me to help her download Youtube on her smart phone. And while showing her how everything worked, we stumbled across the Too Cute! channel by Animal Planet. *shakes head* My goodness.

+ I know Smash got cancelled last year, but I finally found an almost-complete playlist on Rdio of all the songs sung during its two season run. It's hard to choose a favorite amongst them because the music was straight up ahmazing, but if made to choose just one, this is it {I couldn't find a good video clip of the song, so this just audio}.

+ If you're visiting New York anytime soon, here are some pretty adorable guides to the city, broken down into neighborhoods. For more suggestions, you can visit Naomi's blog. For more adorableness from her familia, you should check out a few of these.

+ Steph sent me this pug puppy version of How to Train Your Dragon that I just can't get over. I like how the puppies are slightly narcoleptic and that the "trees" are made from green gift bows.


It's Daddy's birthday on Sunday! Not that we can really celebrate it that day, since we've got an event thing to attend in the city and there won't be time for cake. But never fear! Cake shall be here! *superhero stance* Have a happy weekend, all, and eat some cake in our stead!

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