Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 9

No. 9 // July 12-13, 2014 {Foodie Edition}

+ Natalie James documents her exploration of LA's best restaurants on NJinLA, but if you really want a taste of that deliciousness every day, follow her Instagram and spend some time looking through her feed and those of her friends!

+ Molly is an adorable NYC foodie/musician, currently living on a farm in small-town North Dakota. For excellent food photography, a behind-the-scenes look at farm life, and all around, general "LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS"-ness {that last one may just be me}, check her out at My Name is Yeh.

+ I like Nooschi's viewpoint: "We are not food critics nor do we write about things that we don't like. With so many great restaurants out there, it's a waste of time to focus on the negative."

+ We have a bad habit in this house of buying too many bananas and then not finishing them before they turn spotty. And since Mom doesn't like bananas period, I only like them in that tiny timeframe when they're still slightly green but juuust ripe enough to eat, and Daddy's just one person, we have a lot of black, super-ripe bananas in our freezer. I'm thinking of making these dessert bars with our extra bananas and our overabundance of summer squash.

+ Does the phrase "culinary storytelling" intrigue you? Life & Thyme has some great essays about food, written by those in the industry.

+ Food blog couples always make me smile. And Martha + Tom is yet another awesome team.


Whoot, time to playyy. Mom wants to go to a doggy adoption event in Jack London Square today, so I'll let you know how that goes. O.o Have a great weekend and I shall see you on Monday! (:

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