Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oddities of Social Media

Social media's a funny thing.

It's all about the delayed reaction. Or rather, delayed action, if we were to be honest.

We edit and filter photos before we post them on Instagram. That took time. It wasn't instant.

People create drafts of tweets so they can hone their wording until it's juuust right and utterly pithy. You didn't think that thought right now. You thought of it last Tuesday.

You must take into account who's following you before posting anything-- will they be offended that they weren't invited? Are you ruining a surprise if they see it?


Anyways. That was my thought for today. Mostly because I myself am anxiously waiting for Steph's birthday present to arrive at her doorstep. I wanted to show y'all a picture of one of the items in there, but can't just yet in case she sees it online before she sees it in person. Because that would not be cool.

Hurry, USPS! I believe in you! You can do it! Gogogogo! Deliver that box! Whoot!

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