Monday, August 11, 2014

When Nothing of Note Occurs

This past week, I accomplished crazy amounts of non-blog-fodder-related things, which means lots of stuff got done and none of it was really worth writing about.

Several applications turned in, at least one rejected {but after a very sweet "thanks-anyways-for-your-consideration" email from moi, they did seem more inclined to keep me in mind in the future, which was nice}, two morning walks around part of Lake Chabot were taken, dog was run at least twice a day, errands were completed, only one for-fun book was read {just fyi, that's amazing. As a born-and-raised bookworm, I tend to go through books REAL FAST, so not reading for a week and a half takes major restraint on my part}, countless dishes washed, hundreds of tomatoes picked, awkward summer tanlines are slightly less awkward now, et cetera, et cetera.

Mm, things of note:
+ I helped the Madre de-seed patty-pan squash yesterday and ended up with fingers that wouldn't bend. Turns out, squash juice is like Elmer's Glue Gone Wild. My hands were peeling like I'd been sunburned on my palms. O.o It was weird. And kind of gross. 

+ I really need a haircut.

+ I'M GROWING A STRAWBERRY PLANT FROM SEED. Can you tell I'm excited. I buried a buuunch of strawberry tops way back in April/May-ish and I've finally got one teeny plant growing! Out of thousands of strawberry seeds planted, I've got one baby strawberry! And I shall baby it forevahhh. *petpet*

+ Yeah, that's about it.

Basically, I just felt like writing today, but since I had nothing in particular to write about, I thought I'd catch you up on the happenings on this side of the computer screen.

I hope your week was/will be lovely though, and happy Monday, friends! (:

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