Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 33

Jessi M Nichols // Starbucks Puppuccino Golden Retrievers
^ via Jessi M Nichols ^

No. 33 // May 2-3, 2015

+ Have been considering/kind of wanting one of these for a while, so Elise's post about her first full year wearing a FitBit was good information. Another thing for my "when I actually have an income" list. Hee.

+ As a lover of knowing how things work, reading about the mechanical process behind Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream was fascinating.

+ An old article, but new to me, this piece about the almost direct correlation between income inequality and trees was something I actually read out loud to my madre. That rarely happens, just fyi.

+  I like this one because it basically says that making time to play is good. Someone should come up with a "Borrow-a-Toddler" program where you can borrow a small human for a day and remember how awesome it is to use your imagination and be distracted by everything. No cell phones or computer screens allowed. (: {This is also a veiled hint that if you have a toddler and need a day off, I'm willing to babysit fer free! Granted, this offer is preferably for people I know and who would trust their offspring with me. So. Moohahaha.}


I'm home alone with the new pup all day today because the parents have their annual EBRP VTSP training. Hopefully all this goes well, since I have no backup today. O.o Fingers crossed for me, please! I'll keep y'all updated! Have a happy weekend, friends, and hello, month of May. (:

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