Sunday, February 2, 2014

List Love // Disney Princesses

Favorite Disney Princess: Aurora. I think it's her hair. And the forest scene with her and Prince Phillip. And her Briar Rose alias. She's pretty cool.

Disney Princess I'd Most Like to Be: Belle. Big fan of her new personal library. Best scene ever.

Least Favorite Disney Princess: Ariel. Annoys me to no end. Her lack of common sense drives me up the wall.

Disney Princesses with the Most Historical Inaccuracies: Pocahontas & Mulan. Get your facts straight, Disney. Because of you, there are now several generations of kids who believe Pocahontas married John Smith and that Mulan had a happy ending. The education system is already failing them, you don't need to help it along.

Disney Princesses Whose Songs I Can Actually Sing Without My Voice Cracking or Squeaking: Tiara & Pocahontas. Thank goodness for almost-altos. Still, Disney isn't known for its great track record writing songs for non-sopranos {see here}.

Best Disney Animal Sidekicks: Pascal & Maximus {Tangled}. Although, really, Disney does do all horses really well-- Brave, Frozen {Prince Hans' horse reminded me of Maximus and Sven may be a reindeer, but that's close enough}, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, etc.


Honestly, more of a Pixar kid myself. Didn't watch Disney movies until college... Although I knew all the songs and their lyrics perfectly because I hung out with Disney fanatics in high school. So. *shrugs*

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