Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Library Card Eulogy

Libraries: Home Away From Home for Bookworms

Today, I received some sad news.

News that made me sadface {verb, not noun} and puppyeyes {verb, not noun} and sigh {verb, not... oh, you get the picture? that's good}.

My library card expired.

Not my NorCal one; that thing gets so much use, it's a wonder it's still intact {I've had the same card since... elementary?}. I'm talking about my SoCal Santa Monica library card.

Apparently, the level of trust down there is pretty low because they make you renew your card annually. I think the local library up here asks you to renew it every five-ish years. Lemme check... Just kidding. Three years. But still.

So yeah, my beautiful lime green SMPL card has now been rendered useless until I can somehow show up at the library in-person and convince them I still live in the area {any Westwood peeps willing to lend me your address? Hee}.

I think I said this on Twitter a while back, but it still holds true. I wish I could collect library cards the way other people collect state quarters or snowglobes. Not only would my collection be infinitely more useful {because library cards give you access to each library's ebook collection, so you don't HAVE to be in the area to use it}, but it wouldn't take up much space, it would be easy to organize since they're all the same size and shape, and it would be aesthetically pleasing with so many different card designs.

Sigh. I should become a nomad and travel around the United States making that dream come true.

Good grief, I'm such a nerd.

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  1. My library card is also one of my most cherished possessions!


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