Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 4

No. 4 // April 19-20, 2014

+ There's a YouTube channel called "How It Should Have Ended" that takes recently released movies and creates animated alternate endings for them that are hilariously ingenious. With all the hubbub over Frozen, I thought you might appreciate this one.

+ All you Harry Potter fans out there who enjoy a tad of analysis with your fiction, here's a fantastic article on why Neville is the most important character in the series and another article on Book Ron versus Movie Ron. Emily Asher-Perrin, the author of both articles, is amazing-- I love her point of view and choice of topics. She's quite the cool kid.

+ If you've ever watched a Pixar movie and had ALL THE FEELS, this list of Pixar's Rules for Storytelling gives some insight into just how they play your emotions like a violin. And if you ever take Intro to Screenwriting at UCLA, this is a really good list to keep in mind while you write!

+ As a psych major, this animated video short cracked me up. It's along the lines of Pixar's new movie about the emotions in your brain {Mindy Kaling's supposed to be the voice of Jealousy or Pride or something. Steph and I aren't sure whether to look forward to the movie or be super apprehensive. We shall see, I guess}, but this clip is more RightBrain versus LeftBrain, especially as it pertains to dating. It's super cute, trust me.

+ I think everyone knows by now that I'm a definite dog-person. I like cats and all, but dogs are my faaavorite. There's a non-profit organization called Dogs on Deployment that helps people foster dogs whose military owners are deployed overseas. Everything about this sounds amazing, so if you're able to take in a canine friend, this is for you!

+ These next two articles might get me in trouble, but I thought I'd share them because I found them to be fascinating, thought-provoking reads. The first is this one about volunteering in third-world countries and how it can be more damaging than beneficial if done incorrectly.

+ The second article with lots of hotly-debated opinions in the comments section is this one about respect in marriages. I've met so, so many couples where you watch them interact and wonder how/why they ever got married. Like... if you don't even like each other, why did you say yes? This is an article that struck pretty close to home for me, just in terms of the relationships I've seen growing up, so it was an interesting read.

+ To end on a lighter note, A Beautiful Mess has written some really great text-heavy blog posts {the best kind, right?} lately. There's this one on living a productive life and this one on how life can turn out okay even if your original dream didn't go as planned.


Happy weekend, friends! And Happy Easter, too; He is Risen!

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