Friday, May 30, 2014

A Bit of Life // In the Garden

In the Garden // Pink Roses & Red Geraniums
In the Garden // Yellow Crookneck Squash Leaves 
^ Some sort of squash. Mom killed, like, three other pairs of squash seedlings before this one finally survived. So now I can't remember if this is Crookneck, Peter Pan, or what.
The leaves are currently bigger than my hand. *impressed* ^
In the Garden // Cherry Tomato Plant 
^ Our tomato plant that sprouted from the remains of last year's overabundance is growing like crazy. Unfortunately, so far, it's all leaves and stems and no actual tomatoes. Let's hope it produces something at some point. Else that's really sad. ^
In the Garden // Orange & Pink Calla Lilies
In the Garden // Pink Geraniums
In the Garden // Strawberry Leaves 
^ Just to put these strawberry leaves in perspective for you, some of those leaves are the size of my palm. O.o ^
In the Garden // Strawberry Fruit in a Hanging Planter
 ^ First strawberry of the year! Whoot! ^
In the Garden // Strawberry Flowers From Above
 ^ Heh heh heh. I never understand how people get those perfect "looking straight down" pictures.
I always get funky shadows. Or in this case, telltale shadows and a pair of feet. *rolls eyes* ^
In the Garden // Green Baby Apricot Fruit
 ^ Baby apricot! But knowing how we've fared the last few years, it won't survive to ripen... {Are you getting the sense we're not good at keeping plants alive? Cause I'm getting that feeling}. ^
^^ {Update: the parentals were like, "what apricots?" Apparently, that's a baby plum. Whoops.} ^^
In the Garden // Yellow & Peach Mini Rose Tree 
^ Costco is selling mini rose trees right now. So Mom insisted on getting a yellow one. I'm not kidding, all these flowers were bright yellow when we bought it yesterday. And now... they are not.
*facepalm*  What is going on here?!? ^
Zoe Loves Me // Through the Sliding Door
^ Gratuitous picture of the Zoe. Look at that face. D'awww. ^

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