Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Foodie Adventuring // La Boulange de Sunset in San Francisco

La Boulange de Sunset- Menu & Bakery Counter
La Boulange de Sunset- Exterior
La Boulange de Sunset- Bakery Counter & Line
La Boulange de Sunset- Outdoor Patio Seating
La Boulange de Sunset- Interior Seating Area
La Boulange de Sunset- Hidden Bar Tables with Stools
La Boulange de Sunset- French Onion Soup, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, & a Bowl of Cinnamon Coffee

Mid-day munching between wandering de Young Museum and exploring the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.


Who: Tommy & I
Where: La Boulange de Sunset in San Francisco
When: Tuesday at 1:15 PM

The Restaurant: Within easy walking distance from de Young, California Academy of Sciences, and the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park, this particular La Boulange location shares the sidewalk with Nopalito {a few storefronts down} and Pacific Catch {on the corner}. If you're feeling a little munchy after spending the morning in the park, this is a good spot to pick up something quick before continuing your adventure of the day.

The large front windows, covered outdoor patio seating area, and bright orange overhangs indicate you've arrived at your destination. Step inside, and you'll happy-sigh if vaulted ceilings, white subway tile, and concrete floors are your thing. And if those don't make your eyes brighten, one glance at the extensive pastry case should fix that pretty quickly.

We happened to stop in on a cloudy, windy day, so no one was brave enough to sit outside. But inside, the massive storefront windows allowed in plenty of natural light-- with multiple different seating options to choose from {booth, communal farmhouse table, counter facing the street, hidden bar tables with stools near the kitchen}, this is a great place to take that perfect foodie Instagram.

Just watch out for those photos on the walls. La Boulange knows how to appeal to your sweet tooth, even if you didn't think you had one. Macro, aerial shots of warm chocolate chip cookies and bundt cakes shiny with icing are bound to make you wonder what's for dessert.

The Food: Cold days = hot soup for lunch, right? With that in mind, I ordered a cup of the soup de jour, which happened to be Roasted Tomato, and a Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant, toasted. Tommy asked if that just meant it had Nutella in it... *shrugs* Maybe. But it was still pretty delicious. And dessert is always a must.

Tommy tried their soup/sandwich combo, with a bowl of French Onion and an open-faced Smoked Salmon Sandwich {salmon, cucumber, creme fraiche, shallots, capers}. Because a). it was cold outside and b). he'd woken up far too early, he also got a small coffee. Which turned out to be "small" in quotation marks because, if you look at that last picture up there, he actually received a bowl of coffee bigger than his cup of soup. O.o If that's a small sized beverage, I can't imagine what the large looks like...

The Conversation: One of the perks of hanging out with a fellow introvert is that talking incessantly isn't really necessary. And considering the morning's adventure of getting on the wrong bus and therefore spending about two hours on public transportation {which was subsequently followed by a few hours of skirting crowds at de Young's free admission day}, we enjoyed this chance to refuel and soak in the calm.

Random topics of conversation included the origin of capers {apparently they grow on bushes and are called "capers" because of their Latin classification-- we looked it up}, the ridiculous size of Tommy's bowl of coffee, and the adorableness of GOC's rapidly growing small-child collection {if that didn't make sense to you, we basically discussed how cute toddlers are}.

Conclusion: I know that La Boulange is a chain and there are locations all over, but this is still a fun spot to have lunch if you're in the area, especially if you're on a college student/funemployed budget.


La Boulange de Sunset
1266 9th Avenue
San Francisco, California 94122

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