Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 8

No. 8 // July 5-6, 2014

+ A friend's older sister has just begun a Kickstarter campaign for her new five song EP. Tiffany is one of the coolest people I know {like, legit hipster awesome}, so if you're interested in supporting her while receiving some gorgeous gifts in return, or just would like to learn more about her art and music, check it out here! (: 

+ TSwift wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal. And it's interesting to read about the music industry from the viewpoint of someone who's smack in the middle of it and thriving. 

+ There have been several articles making their way around my Facebook homepage about girls and science. And because each one of those articles hit me right in the gut, I thought I should share them with you. This is how you should talk to little girls, not like this. Because this is the negative impact you're having on our view of ourselves and our capabilities.

+ This. Read through the comments section for the full effect. Wow, the feels.

+ If understanding how companies brand and market themselves is your thing, this article is quite fascinating. Think about this: if you took away the logo of a business, could you still tell what it is, would you still recognize who made that product? A pretty logo is no longer enough. People are now relying on excellent design and the consumer experience to make their judgments about a company.

+ Lastly, if you've ever wandered into the kids clothing section of a store and wondered, "What in the world is going on here?," this hilarious blog post is for you. Even if you don't have kids. You'll probably still laugh.


Happy weekend, friends, and happy belated birthday, America! Yay! I hope you enjoyed lots of grilled things or beach things or family things this three day weekend! (:

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