Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Short Hair, Don't Care // Sam's Philosophy on Haircuts

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Sam's Philosophy on Haircuts:

Whenever I get a haircut, I always like seeing people's reactions. The more dramatic the change, the better the reactions.

I'm not the kind of person who gets an inch taken off the bottom and is like, "Notice anything different?" I think that's silly.

I'm not super attached to my hair.

If I get a haircut, it might as well be worth it.

I try to get a different haircut every time.

Short hair means dangly earrings.

We live in California-- if I want to go super short right before winter, my head isn't going to freeze.

It all grows back.

If you do get a dropdeadawful haircut, you'll also get a great story that people will get tired of hearing, but you won't get tired of telling.

Always try to get a haircut that doesn't take much effort to style in the mornings. The best ones are the ones where you simply wash your hair, comb it out, and walk out the door.

Anticipate bed head the morning after your haircut {if you went really short}. Your hair suddenly has all this freedom and won't know how to handle it. You might look like a rockstar.

Always bring pictures of what you want your haircut to look like to show the stylist before she {or he} starts cutting. Do your research and come prepared.

Don't dress up to get your haircut. There is a hundred and ten percent chance your shirt, and pants, and possibly underwear, will end up with little pokey hairs on/in them because the cape thing never works as well as it should.

I personally like talking with the stylist as my hair is being cut. I know friends who think that's the worst idea ever. If you fall on my side of things though, questions like "How'd you get into hairstyling?" and "Do anything this past weekend/holiday?" and "What's the craziest haircut someone's ever requested?" are all good starter questions.

Going in at weird hours when the stylists aren't busy can really be to your advantage. They aren't rushing and are more relaxed and will probably spend more time on your hair than if there was a line out the door of people waiting.

Wash your hair before showing it off to anyone. It's always super poofy right after a haircut and it'll look more natural after you've calmed it down with soap and water.


I got my haircut about a week and a half ago and it's already grown out a half an inch. Which both impresses me and makes me kinda sad because I haven't gotten the chance to take a picture of it yet. It's been so busy around here and foggy/overcast on the days I am home that it just hasn't happened. But eventually! I shall have photographic evidence!

Oh. I need to send in the Locks of Love donation. Before I completely forget and I randomly find a ziplock bag of braided hair while cleaning my room. That'd be weird.

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