Monday, November 10, 2014

A Bit of Life // The Joy

+ the joy that is text-venting to a friend about life-- and being sent a picture of a winking cat in reply. Okay, life's officially better now. Thank God for friends who know how fickle your mood swings can be.

+ the joy that is shampooing your hair after getting a fifteen inch haircut. Amazing.

+ the joy that is getting a seat on Bart so you don't have to brace yourself while standing during your forty minute commute.

+ the joy that is a new TSwift music video that makes you laugh AND has excellent costumes.

+ the joy that is starting a non-fiction book that you think you might actually finish all the way to the end.

+ the joy that is watching an adorable movie that's so good, you'd be willing to just go right back in and watch it again.

+ the joy that is faux-flirting with your bestie and having her new boyyyfraaannn {aka one of your other besties} cut in with "Oy. No winking!" Ha.

+ the joy that is knowing you'll be super productive tonight because your powers of concentration are downright ridiculous when you've been riled.

+ the joy that is writing out thoughts and hitting that "Publish" button.

+ the joy that is changing out of real-people-pants as soon as you get home.

+ the joy that is a happy, waggy dog, excited to see you.

+ the joy that is knowing one of your high school besties arrived at her new house after a cross-country road trip safe and sound.

+ the joy that is an internet browser with only one tab open.

+ the joy that is alphabetizing and making a list of all your books because, so help you, at least ONE thing in your life will be organized and neat.

+ the joy that is breathing deeply and letting all those little annoyances go. Or at least trying to... (:

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