Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 15

Children's Creativity Museum in SOMA, San Francisco // Carousel

No. 15 // November 8-9, 2014

+ The upsides of being 23. If you can call them upsides... O.o

+ So many good house ideas! Can't handle.

+ Stephen and I had a conversation a while back ago about naming TV shows. And then I came across this article and it was like "YES. EXACTLY." {Sidenote: aaand Selfie's been cancelled as of yesterday. Siiigh.}

+ We've hit the age where our peeps be gettin' murried. It's weird. And then Ruth made me see weddings in a whole new light!

+ Speaking of weddings, this was an interesting read. The comments section just continues the fascinating conversation.


I never realized how introverted I was until my third or fourth year at college. This week has been non-stop people and yesterday I seriously texted Tommy like "I'm so tired. Why are people everywherrrre," and he just laughed at me. ): In other news! I got a haircut! Yusss. And it's pretty! And low maintenance! And I like it a lot! Winwinwinwinwin! I feel so much lighter now.

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