Monday, November 3, 2014

Foodie Adventuring // Funfetti Biscotti

I forgot how I came across this recipe for funfetti biscotti {probably Pinterest, no lie}, but when I showed the recipe to Ruth after we made scones and she was like, "We could do this"... I WAS SO EXCITED. Neither of us are actually fans of biscotti normally {it's just too rock-solid to be considered a cookie, in our opinion. If we're worried about our teeth while biting into it... no}. But you can't NOT make funfetti biscotti. It's just so happy sounding. Like, "SPRINKLES. SPRINKLES EVERYWHERE. WHEEE."

Here's what I thought:

+ This was so much easier than I expected. I know I said that for the cranberry scones, but I mean that here, too. Maybe it's just baking with friends that makes it seem so much easier-- Ruth IS a pro at the baked goods thing. But seriously. You can totally make these. The ingredients are simple, the instructions clear, the estimated prep/baking time accurate {!!!}. People will be so impressed with your baking skills. Win-win-win-win.

+ You probably don't need half a cup of sprinkles. That's... a lot. We just eyeballed it and I sprinkled until it looked sprinkle-y enough. You just don't want bare, sprinkle-less areas of dough. Aim for even sprinkle-ness. SPRINKLESSS. {I think I probably used about half a small sized container of multi-color nonpareils. Which is less than a quarter cup, I think. So. Yeah. Turned out fine}. And just think. The less sprinkles you use here, the more sprinkle/funfetti things you can make with the rest of your sprinkles! Whoot!

+ This is some really nice, smooth dough. Like, it's all gorgeous and non-sticky when it's mixed together. I wanted to pet it.

+ I'd say skip the sea salt on top of the biscotti pre-oven. If you're going to sprinkle more stuff on top, use sugar of some sort. Because the salt didn't seem to add too much and every time my tongue touched part of the top of the cookie with the salt on it, I felt a bit like I was eating play dough. Ergh. Ruth and her older sister said they didn't taste that though, so maybe I just got a salty spot. Still. Use sugar.

+ These don't come out as rock-hard as store-bought biscotti, which is SUCH A GOOD THING. They've definitely still got crunch and Ruth texted me the next day saying that a biscotti and a cup of hot cocoa is perfection.


Baked Good #3 for The 23 List.

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