Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 20

^ Because mid-January is a good time for trees to finally be turning color and dropping leaves.
Oh, California. ^

No. 20 // January 10-11, 2015

+ An artist friend posted this on Facebook a few days ago. When I clicked on the link and saw that it was a sixteen minute video, I was like, "... No." But as soon as I hit play, I knew I'd probably be watching the thing in its entirety. Seriously, these Disney artists are amazing and the point made by Walt Disney himself is a good one.

+ Having hit the age where engagement, wedding, and small human announcements are popping up all over my social media feeds from people I know, this silly piece about hipster baby names made me laugh.

+ How to differentiate between common food mixups, like... yam or sweet potato? "Yam pie" just doesn't sound as appetizing, you know?

+ Girl pockets.

+ The ambivert's dilemma. I agree from #3 onward-- the first two are a little iffy because I rather like starting up conversations with strangers and do that best when I'm not around people who actually know me. There's also this list, but I don't agree with it as much as I do the one up there.


OT program interview today. Time to put that cheerful, adorable, super-smiley side of myself on display so I can make a good impression. Whoot whoot! And then crash all of Sunday.

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