Monday, January 12, 2015

Adventuring // Along the San Francisco Waterfront

Saturday morning started out with Steph's first ever ride on Bart and a pretty nice walk from the Embarcadero station to Pier 15. The girl spent most of her time on the train playing Tsum Tsum on her phone and coercing me to attempt a round myself. I was deemed "better than a sixth grader", so you know, life goal met.

Once we made our way to the surface and figured out which direction we wanted to go, we started our trek. And I almost immediately made her detour with me because I saw a couple cable cars just hanging out, a block over, in the middle of the street, begging to be photographed. They were even decked out in holiday gear!

Considering this IS San Francisco in the middle of winter, I think we both expected it to be a little colder on our walk to the Exploratorium. I mean, we were right on the water, it was still pretty early in the morning, and it was the end of December. But it was surprisingly warm, sunny, and comfortable out, which was awesome. Especially considering Steph's idea of NorCal is cold, sunless, and dreary. *eyeballs bestie*

We walked through the art stalls along Market Street on the way to the piers and passed by the mini Farmers Market in front of the Ferry Building. I didn't know tulips were in season in the dead of winter, but they were on sale, so... *shrug*

We reached the Exploratorium pretty quickly, despite our {read: my} constant stopping to take pictures, so Steph and I decided to walk around the outside of the place. If you don't want to pay for admission into the museum, walking along the outside is not a bad idea. Not only are the views fantastic, but there are small exhibits along the railing and large windows into the museum that give you a peek of what's inside.

After making our way down the entire length of the pier, we took an Instagram break {because those are truly a real thing now}, wondered how long it'd take the boys to get there, and watched a seagull take apart a small crab {seriously. it was simultaneously cringe-worthy and fascinating}. When we finally got their call that they were inside getting the tickets, we headed back to meet them.

Not a bad start to an excellent day. (:

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