Friday, March 13, 2015

Adventuring // Therapy Shop in Berkeley's Elmwood District

^ Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion, cause they are so awesome... ^
^ Two days after I took this picture, Steph sent me a photo of the Nessie magnet. Bestie telepathy. ^
^ Yeah, NorCal. ^
^ Possibly Tommy's next birthday/Christmas present. ^

Checking out the Berkeley location of this particular store...


Who: The parentals and I
Where: Therapy in Berkeley's Elmwood District
When: Sunday at 5:00 PM

The Place: Way back when, the parentals and I stumbled across the Pleasanton location of Therapy and while we weren't able to go inside because they'd already closed for the day, I was intrigued by the eyebrow-raising, smirk-inducing items they had in their window display.

To be honest, Therapy is decently similar to Treehouse Gifts a few storefronts down, but with a more quirky, irreverent vibe and not as focused on "green", environmentally friendly items {not to say they don't have those, just that it's not their main draw}.

The front table in the entry way is used for seasonal or themed displays. We were there the day after Valentine's Day, so everything was red and heart-covered. To the left is a bookcase filled with pretty notebooks and interesting, usually illustrated, nonfiction paperbacks. To the right, there are very pro-California card stands and some of Therapy's slightly oddball, kitschy products that would make great gifts for your friends {I really considered getting those chemistry shot glasses for Tommy. Even if you don't use them for their intended purpose, they're still mini beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks. I mean. D'aww}.

In the back of the store {which I only got a glimpse of as we headed back out}, they have a clothing section and changing stalls. I'm assuming indie-esque, small label, mostly locally produced apparel, like a better quality Urban {also, I could be totally off, although having been inside several of these types of stores, I'm decently sure I'm correct}.

What We Did: The padre was getting restless at this point, since we'd been out and about window shopping for a couple hours now, so we didn't actually spend as much time inside as we had at previous shops. Additionally, a bunch of my time was spent waiting for passers-by to clear the front of the store so I could take my photos. Heh.

Tips: A few suggestions...
+ Same as the ones I suggested for Treehouse Gifts-- try to park on the main street, even though spots are sparse, and take the time to wander the shop since there's so many items to check out.

Conclusion: Another excellent place to go gift-shopping for friends. Prices are pretty on par with the other places along this Elmwood strip, so know that you're supporting small businesses, purchasing quality things, and getting unique presents when you spend your money. (:


2951 College Avenue
Berkeley, California 94705

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