Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Foodie Adventuring // Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant in Danville

Another Danville lunch spot discovered with the OT peeps...


Who: Daddy and I
Where: Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant in Danville
When: Friday at 2:45 PM

The Restaurant: Tucked away in a small strip mall, Los Panchos is a Mexican restaurant with jewel-toned patio decor and strings of white lights outside, and a brightly lit, vaulted ceiling interior. Their staff is super friendly and their food es muy bien.

The first time I went there, we sat outside during lunch hour on a weekday and the place was packed {always a good sign, yes?}. The chairs outside seem to be a tad too short for the tables, so be forewarned if you're semi-vertically-challenged {like moi} because you'll feel like a kid at the adults' table for the first time. Pretty sure our table was higher than my chest when I was sitting down...

Inside, you can see your food being made, since the kitchen runs the entire length of the restaurant and is open to the rest of the room {I'm 85% sure about this. We didn't eat inside either time I went, so I just caught a glimpse while we were waiting for our take out order}. I promise that next time I'll take a closer look of the interior and report back to you guys! (:

What We Had: The first time I went with Collin and Mae, the OT aide and receptionist of CHRC {one of the places at which I volunteered}, our boss recommended the Happy Burrito. And she was right. It's excellent.

Mae got one of their lunch specials, which was more than enough for lunch and for an afternoon snack later. Collin and I both got carnitas Happy Burritos-- while I was more than content to bring most of mine home, he felt it a challenge that Serenity said no one can finish a Happy Burrito in one sitting. He definitely felt that food coma after we got back to work. *hah*

The parentals liked my leftover burrito so much, Daddy and I went back on a Saturday to pick up dinner. Happy Burritos come with rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, and your choice of meat. With the padre being unable to eat too much of the burritos {because tortillas, rice, beans, and a bunch of the other ingredients contain too many carbs/sugars}, two of the Happy Burritos lasted us several meals, which was nice.

Tips: A few suggestions...
+ We realized on our way back home that we're actually closer to the San Ramon location. Like, ten minutes and a whooole bunch of miles closer. So. Next time. Headed to that location instead! I'll let you know how they compare. (:

+ If you eat there, you get {theoretically endless} warm, crispy chips and a garlicky-cilantro salsa that's really, really good. If you get your food to go, you get a five-by-five inch paper baggy of chips and no salsa. Just fyi.

Conclusion: The Mexican restaurant the parentals and I used to go to in Hayward closed last year and we had yet to find a proper substitute. Well, now we found it. I think this is our new go-to Mexican food restaurant and we're definitely looking forward to trying out some of their other dishes.


Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant
480 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Suite H
Danville, California 94526

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