Friday, March 20, 2015

Adventuring // Downtown San Leandro and Its Hidden Mural

^ Hidden mural along the San Leandro Creek. It's pretty, but the underpass is kinda creepy. Maybe it'll be less creepy when there's actually water in the creek and it isn't just this really echo-y, long, dark tunnel? ^
^ I think the pink ones were supposed to be papaya. While they did taste like fruit, that fruit wasn't papaya. Dunno what we had exactly. Still good though! Janelle had bits of real mango in her popsicle! ^
^ Wearing pigtails. Because I'm a grown up. ^
^ Can you find the Joy? ^
^ Reenacting Romeo and Juliet. ^

Ruth's wedding is in three weeks, so Janelle and I were enlisted to help plan and direct her Bridal Party Bonding Day. Joy, Ruth's sister, is in charge, and she wanted to scout out potential scavenger hunt locations around Downtown San Leandro. So the three of us went out Wednesday and just wandered around and stopped whenever something caught our eye.

I took a bunch of pictures, so these are the San Leandro government buildings and a hidden wall art/mural called "Nature's Hidden Treasure."

We also got Mexican ice cream popsicles at a small carniceria near Mike's Feed and Pets. The lady behind the counter looked at us a little strangely because we walked right in, knew exactly where to go in the store to get what we wanted, and definitely weren't Hispanic. *grins* Joy and Ruth used to go there back when Ruth was still in high school and pick up popsicles every now and then, so Joy knew what she was doing. The popsicles were great and if I'm in the neighborhood, I'd definitely stop by again.

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