Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 27

Studio DIY // Los Angeles Chocolate Chip Cookie Research
^ via Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY ^

No. 27 // March 21-22, 2015

+ Coloring books for adults. I'll just go ahead and leave that there. {Mickeyla, that one's especially for youuu}.

+ Remember that Hidden Cash twitter account last year that was a super big deal? Here are some things the creator of that phenomenon learned from the experience.

+ This geeky Pinterest board is my everything.

+ A comedic cooking show for people who sometimes cook.

+ Did you know there are four different productivity styles? And how you approach people with differing styles to help you with a project varies greatly. I'm a "planner" type, so send me a bullet point checklist and I'm yours. *grins*


My comment on the above photo: "Excited for your research results! Personal opinion: I found Milk Jar to be a tad too salty for my taste (their Banana Split cookie is awesome though), Joan's on Third has an excellent mini chocolate chip to cookie ratio (though I'm not sure it's the BEST COOKIE chocolate chip cookie), Sprinkles is really thick and cakey (their cupcakes are definitely still the main draw), and Diddy Riese... I'm a little biased because YAYUCLA, but they have my loyalty. :P "

Have a cookie this weekend, friends! Happy Saturday!

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