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"What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding" // A Quick Review

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This is a gossipy, super easy read that isn't always PC, but Kristin Newman WILL make you laugh and her visuals will have you feeling like you're right there with her. All the reviews about "What I Was Doing While You Were Breedingare right-- you'll DEFINITELY want to renew your passport and go explore the world, with or without a traveling buddy. The wanderlust is real, man.

I have college friends whose gap year abroad I could easily see this being like. They're fun, fun-loving people who love to socialize and don't particularly give a darn about what others think of them. And it works. Both for them and for Kristin. With my personality, however, my "vacationships" would be of the friendship/penpal kind, not the roll around in bed/romantical kind discussed at length within the book. 

One of the things I admire about Kristin is her fearlessness and ability to jump into the next adventure without worrying about what could go wrong or potentially looking silly or failing. I think I have a slight sense of paranoia towards situations and people I know nothing about-- one of the perks of Asian parents, no matter how many generations they've been in the States. O.o I mean, traveling alone, living abroad with no real plan for several months, inviting strangers to travel with you... oy. I would someday like to have that talent for just letting go and seeing where you end up, but I'm not sure I'll ever be that naturally open. For now, I'll work on it by talking to more strangers and saying yes to more little adventures!

Kristin has a semi-self-deprecating way of writing that tells you she doesn't regret anything, she had fun, she remembers it fondly, but she's aware that she's not entirely the norm. I don't share many of her beliefs, in terms of religion or sexuality, but still a good read if you're concentrating on the travel and living life bit. She never seems scared of anything. And that is so cool. Her self-reliance and independence are refreshing in a Disney-loving world that basically requires girls to be looking for Prince Charming in every boy they meet. 

With a TV sitcom writer background and a crazy amount of life experience, Kristin put together a fantastic book. If she ever decides to write a sequel, I promise I'll read that one, too. If you're looking for a book that inspires your sense of adventure, this is it.

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