Friday, April 24, 2015

Snapshot // In Limbo

Seals on a Beach // 17 Mile Drive
^ via Janelle ^

eating salted caramel pretzel ice cream. It's delicious.

trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the summer. I'd like to get a job...

missing Zoe's presence, especially when I come in the door and there's no waggy dog waiting for me on the other side.

walking more with the padre at Lake Chabot.

enjoying the comfortable weather we've got right now.

dreaming of prepping for Amazing Race-- not sure I'd ever actually try out or, more importantly, who I would try out WITH, but at least if I pretend that I'd really audition, then I'll have to be super prepared to tackle a bunch of basic life skills {aka driving O.o}.

seeing a lot more of Janelle lately and it's great!

watching a bunch of movies on my To Watch list via the library. Thanks, Library.

anticipating Scorpion's return... and its first season just ended this past Monday. :P

thinking I need to make the most of the time before school starts up again.

planning two trips down to LA in the next few months {one impromptu, one for a wedding}.

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