Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Thoughts // No. 2

Keri Russell // Change

No. 2 // Week of April 20-26, 2015

+ Scorpion had its first season finale Monday. If I were to fangirl over one TV show this year, this would be it. It makes you feel ALL THE FEELS.

+ A bunch of the things I have been procrastinating on, I finally got done this week! There are a few things I have left on that list, but we're closer to knocking it all out, so yay!

+ STSS had a webcam sesh Wednesday night. You know you're besties when the call starts at eleven at night and goes until the wee hours of the morning.

+ Update on that Backyard Squirrel: Mother caught the squirrel scoping out our yard for potential edibles the other day. So he's probably the reason my homegrown strawberries keep disappearing as soon as they turn red. ):

+ I got to hang out with Janelle for lunch on Thursday and, as per normal, what was going to be a spontaneous short "thanks for lending me Big Hero 6!" exchange turned into an almost three hour, sitting outside the cafe, nibbling at our food, non-stop chatter session.

+ Yesterday, I forgot how old I was. I've gotten so used to answering "old" when asked my age that I completely blanked. I finally decided on "22" because it was taking a long time for a number to come to me... Only thing is, I'm not 22. So. There's that. O.o

+ The parentals and I took a spontaneous roadtrip up to Loomis {like, two hours north} yesterday to meet a border collie pup who needs a forever home. We've never had a puppy before {and even this one is already seven months, so not technically a puppy-puppy}, so if we decide to get this one, it'll be a new experience. I'll let you know what the parentals decide.

+ Get ready for #STSSSpringAdventure2015! It's happening in a couple weeks! *eee*

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