Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 34

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No. 34 // May 16-17, 2015

+ I would like to make the gluten-full, non-vegan version of these molten fudge brownies, please. Nom.

+ In case you didn't know, I'm one of those rare people who still take handwritten notes during class. Which means I've learned how to write decently quickly and accurately. But I'm nowhere close to writing 225 words per minute like people who know shorthand can... O.o Shoot.

+ Someday, I'd love to try living in a tiny apartment, just to see if I could {granted, if I brought all my books with me, no WAY would I fit...}.

+ This article entitled "No Kids for Me, Thanks" is an interesting read. I personally don't think it's as in-depth as it could be, but I do like the fact that there are studies referenced that back up each side of the argument. When my local library gets a hard copy or an ebook copy of the main book featured in the article, I'll check it out.

+ If you're looking to improve your brain's creativity, you might want to try a bit of travel. Or at least a change of pace.


I think I'm in for a quiet weekend at home this week. The parentals both have events and things they've signed up for, so I'm left to my own devices. It'll be good. Have a happy Saturday, friends! 

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