Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Thoughts // No. 4

George Orwell // Happiness & Acceptance

No. 4 // May 4 - 17, 2015

+ With so much going on last week, I kind of took an unexpected hiatus from writing. I actually had posts planned and everything, but with Cassie needing attention 24/7 and then going on a SoCal roadtrip last weekend, it just didn't happen. And I'm surprisingly okay with that. (:

+ Update on the Cass: it didn't work out. Her biting wasn't showing any signs of slowing or stopping and it was ultimately decided {by the madre and by the folks at the rescue we got her from} that she might be better as a rural dog. Her fear of all the kitchen noises {the dishwasher and stove fan were her worst enemies} and cars driving by made her nervous all the time and may have been part of why she was so mouthy. I feel like we failed her by giving her back, but at the same time, I know that the rescue will do their bestest to find her forever home where she feels safe and happy. And that's what she needs and what we want. So I suppose this was for the best. Sigh.

+ I'm in the middle of recapping our SoCal adventure right now {you can see the roadtrip down and a morning with Mickeyla here} with a few more posts on the way. For some reason, I'm finding these to be easier to write than previous trip recaps, so either I'm getting increasingly used to this writing business or it was just that fun of a trip. Either explanation is acceptable, I'm thinking. :P

+ The parentals had a good weekend without me. We'll probably go out for dinner sometime this upcoming week to belatedly celebrate a combination of Mother's Day and the parentals' thirtieth anniversary {which was Monday}. The madre's present is supposed to arrive sometime between Monday and Wednesday. Here's to hoping it all works out! {Also, does anyone have any great ideas for anniversary gifts for parentals? On a funemployed budget? O.o I feel a little awkward getting them something right now because I feel like I'd be buying them a present with their own money. D: }

+ Since I technically have no place I have to be right now, I got to catch up on sleep and to do list items this week. I've found that embracing this in-between stage is actually making me more productive and restless-in-a-good-way, while at the same time calming my worries and letting me breathe easier. I even went outside and weeded part of the backyard of my own volition! Which is not something I normally enjoy doing by myself. So. Not bad.

+ On the flip side of that coin, the parentals have had things to go to almost every single day this week. While I like having the house to myself, I kind of get the feeling I should increase my social life to keep up with them...

+ National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was Friday. The padre and I went out to Safeway to pick up their promotion for the "holiday" and came home with some extra junk food as well. Pretty sure the cashier was like... "They bought nothing but cookies. Must be a single dad." Heh.

+ I tried to sign up for an Anatomy/Physiology summer course so I could get a refresher before being thrown into the waters of grad school, but the community college won't let me sign up because I took that class six years ago and I'm not allowed to repeat. So. I guess I'm showing up to lecture and awkwardly sitting in without taking lab or any of the tests. Hopefully the teacher understands and doesn't kick me out. I just want to learn, man! Please let me stay.

+ Mom has spent a lot of hours this week perusing dog sites. She's now thinking, seriously thinking, about getting a puppy. Or maybe a greyhound {because I told her she needs a couch potato dog and nothing is more couch potato than a greyhound}. I've tried to tell her that I don't want another dog for a while, but I'm pretty sure she's not listening. I know that if she gets a dog, I'll fall in love with it, but right now, I'm kind of liking life sans canine. And I need to recover from all the doggy drama we've gone through in the last couple months. We need the break. I'll let you know how this goes.

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