Wednesday, January 4, 2017

List Love // A 2016 Recap

{Outside the Seattle Art Museum; photo credit: Steph}

So as stated in the previous post, it's been over 525 days since last I wrote. And a bunch of stuff has happened since then. Granted, nothing drastic and no grand milestone moments, but still. So just in case anyone was wondering what I was up to {and also just for my own journaling need}, here's an abbreviated version of my 2016...

+ Began my second semester of OT school.
+ Continued to work part-time at a local tutoring center.
+ Hung out with coworkers a few times.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ Hung out with Janelly & Debrr individually several times (including a cake tasting for Debrr's wedding-- AUGH!)

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ First anniversary of Zoe being gone.
+ Had way too many all-day Saturday classes.
+ Went to Silicon Valley Comic Con with Janelly.
+ Celebrated Patrick's first birthday.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More all-day Saturday classes.
+ Gave a bunch of in-class presentations.
+ Wrote several looooong papers.
+ Finished finals.
+ Had dinner and caught up with a college friend.

+ More work.
+ Did three weeks of fieldwork-- first two weeks at a mental health setting, third week at a physical disabilities setting.
+ Celebrated the parentals' 31st anniversary.
+ Explored some of downtown San Jose with Tommeh.

Last bit of May and almost all of June:
+ More work.
+ I have no idea what else I did because I forgot to write it down in my calendar thingmerbob.
+ I do know I wrote 40+ pages of field reports in six days because... heh... procrastinator.

+ More work.
+ Did another week of fieldwork-- this time a pediatric setting.
+ Went to basic obedience classes with Patrick.
+ Spent a lot of time watching my friends play PokemonGo while hanging out with them.
+ Had several hangouts with Debrr, Ruth, and Janelly in the span of, like, one weekend, becauuuse...
+ Attended Debrr's WEDDING.
+ Turned 25 and celebrated padre's 61st.
+ Had dinner and caught up with another college friend.
+ Began volunteering at the local animal shelter to walk dogs.

+ More work.
+ Met up with Evelyn and Ivy for lunch and adventuring.
+ Did a lot of cleaning and organizing.
+ Watched a lot of Olympics.
+ Adventured to Seattle and Portland for five days for our annual STSS Adventure. It was eventful and quite a learning experience.

+ More work.
+ Began exploring new-to-us East Bay Regional Parks with the padre and pupper.
+ Ran a lot of errands in preparation for starting school again.
+ Started second year of OT school.
+ Attended K9 Therapy Dog Training sessions with Patrick.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More K9 Therapy Dog Training sessions.
+ More hiking with the padre and pupper.
+ Celebrated the madre's birthday.
+ Wrote a lot of papers.
+ Made a lot of presentations.
+ Went to the Bay Area Pet Fair with the parentals and pupper.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More K9 Therapy Dog Training sessions.
+ More hiking with the padre and pupper.
+ Celebrated Thanksgiving with the parentals.

+ More school.
+ More work.
+ More hiking with the padre and pupper.
+ Participated in my cohort's Secret Santa gift exchange.
+ Won a Passion Planner via Instagram.
+ Completed finals right before Christmas.
+ Watched several movies with the parentals (Up, Kung Fu Panda, Tangled, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Ocean's 11-13, New Year's Eve).
+ Made five batches of waffles on Christmas Day.
+ Did some annual after-Christmas shopping with Janelly and Brittani.
+ Deep-cleaned the van-- it's SO CLEAN.

So that was my year. A lot of school, a lot of work. All in all, though, a pretty good year. Much improved from 2014 when I was in limbo trying to figure out what I was going to do after college. :P Yay for getting a little better at adulting? 

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