Friday, January 6, 2017

The 2017 List

{Documenting adventures in my new Passion Planner}

A few things I wouldn't mind accomplishing this year...

+ Visit 5-7 more EBRPD parks with dog and parentals.
+ Go on a road trip with Janelly.
+ Plan STSS 2017 trip.
+ Explore more of San Francisco.
+ Visit Ruth (St. Louis, MO) or Debrr (Urbana, IL).
+ Keep track of wages and set aside 10% for travel.
+ Take solo trip somewhere.
+ Go to a Giants game.
+ Show Patrick snow.
+ Try 1 new restaurant per month.

+ Get back to blogging (at least once a week).
+ Send 5 letters or cards (that aren't thank you cards) to separate people.
+ Show Mom CreativeLive, Skillshare, and other learning websites.
+ Send 4 surprise care packages to friends.
+ Listen to 10 podcasts.
+ Reach 300 followers on Patrick's instagram.
+ Get Dear Dog Photography's instagram back up and running. 

+ Enroll Patrick in more doggy classes/get him to be less reactive to people and doggers.
+ Make 2 bowties and 2 bandanas for Patrick and his friends.
+ Eat out with Patrick there.
+ Volunteer at the local shelter at least once every 2 weeks for 2 hours.

+ Get 6+ hours of sleep at least 3x/week.
+ Try rock-climbing.
+ Try biking with the dog.
+ Finish my large water bottle every day.

Self-Improvement Related:
+ Graduate OT school with good grades.
+ Do my best during Fieldwork II.
+ Bake 3 new things.
+ Practice handlettering.
+ Drive to 1 new place every 2 weeks to practice driving.
+ Keep room clean and begin to glean through the stuff in there.
+ Get a haircut.
+ Do less complaining and more encouraging.
+ Keep van as neat and clean as it is now.
+ Write more.

I'll try to document as I go; the padre, pupper, and I already crossed off a new-to-us East Bay Regional Park yesterday, so we're doing good! Let me know if there's anything on this list that you'd like to join me for or if there is anything you think I might like to try this year! <3

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