Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekend Reading Material // No. 40

^ Bubblegum Love via AcquaPhoto ^

No. 40 // January 14-15, 2017

+ Took this "Where Should You Go Next?" travel quiz aaand... got San Francisco. O.o 

+ Self control is just empathy with your future self

+ That colored streak of hair... although, Happy Quinn on Scorpion doesn't have one and she's still awesomeness. I guess that's progress?

+ While I lack a permanent travel buddy, these are still some excellent couple travel photography tips.

+ Friendship at first sight does exist. Or as Anne Shirley so aptly put it, "kindred spirits."


First week of my last semester ever complete! It was a crazy one (they've squished all the practical learning [as opposed to academic knowledge] into our last semester, so our brains are on overload), so yay for Monday being a holiday! Hope y'all have a great three-day weekend, friends!

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