Monday, August 25, 2014

Snapshot // LA Road Trip

Long Beach Bike Riding // Surrey Selfie

loving everything about this impromptu adventure.

driving four and a half hours from NorCal to SoCal. Yes, that's fast. No, I wasn't the driver.

allowing myself to stop thinking about job-hunting and app-finishing for a full four days.

listening to One Direction & TSwift while helping pack up an apartment.

meeting all the baby freshies who think I'm ancient.

wandering my beloved campus and soaking it all in.

getting no tan, despite wearing a tanktop and shorts to bike-ride on the beach. ):

thinking this needs to happen more than once a year.

eating warm beignets in the middle of Downtown Disney, right before closing time.

drinking homemade watermelon mint mojitos at the best friend's house.

hearing the laughter of friends in response to a bajillion inside jokes.

wondering why I didn't try harder to stay down here last year.

playing video games for the first time in my life. And losing like mad. (:

talking until 4am about all the things.

making triple berry muffins in a friend's apartment kitchen.

doing dishes as a thank you for letting me sleep over.

smelling the night air come in the open window as I fall asleep on the couch.

wanting everyone to be in the same place again, instead of 300+ miles away.

wishing I could try senior year all over again.

enjoying the camaraderie and comfort of excellent friendships.

wearing jeans in ninety degree weather and getting weird looks for it.

noticing all the new buildings on campus and on the hill.

focusing on the "right now" and not worrying about taking pictures.

feeling loved.

being happy.

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