Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 13

No. 13 // August 16-17, 2014
+ To all those people who keep saying "You have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce" like that's supposed to motivate me, this rebuttal is why you get my unimpressed face.

+ I found this article pretty interesting. It's a good reminder that simply having social media accounts doesn't guarantee lots of followers or instant recognition; "social media... is only as valuable as the person using it." You get what you put in.

+ We don't have a deck, but if we did, I'd so want to do this project.

+ If Before/After's are your thing, this is a drastic, super impressive one.

+ 60 Minutes did a great piece on GoPro, of which I'm a fan, but don't personally own {because really, what sort of ADVENTURES am I having in an itsy-bitsy residential town that warrant GoPro status? O.o}. Still. Awesome segment.

+ I don't know if I'm a fan of traveling solo, but here are a few tips I'll keep in mind if I ever decide to explore a different country on my own.


So many things to get done this upcoming week! I'm taking an impromptu trip down to Los Angeles next weekend and, in order to do so, there are a million and one tasks that need to be completed before we leave. Here's to staying organized, staying calm, and remembering to enjoy the process. Happy weekend, friends!

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