Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Foodie Adventuring // Cranberry Scones

Cranberry Scones // Plated
Chocolate Scones // Plated
Chocolate Scones // Divided
Cranberry Scones // Golden Hour

I've always been intimidated by scones. All this cutting of ice cold butter and crumbly dough business... STRESS. So when Ruth and I decided to have a baking day and I said I had a TON of dried cranberries we could use and she mentioned making scones like it was NBD... I was all over that.

We went with the good ol' standby recipe from the Joy of Cooking recipe book {which is, like, in every single household everywhere}. It didn't use as much butter as I expected scones would use-- instead, they substitute cream for a lot of the fat/liquid needed. We didn't have that on hand, but Ruth's house is just a couple blocks from the grocery store, so... FIELD TRIP. And boba! Heh.

Here are my thoughts on the process:

+ There's a reason Joy of Cooking is in every kitchen. This recipe was very straightforward and easier than my scone-fearing self anticipated. Whew.

+ When they say "handle the dough as little as possible"... ehhhh. I was in charge of the first batch we made and I handled the dough all gingerly and delicately, and it didn't really mix very well. The scones turned out rather dry and crumbled easily {they tasted about the same, but the texture was slightly off}. Ruth did the second batch and ignored the instructions to limit the manhandling, and the scones turned out great! So I think as long as you don't play with the dough for ever and ever, you should be fine. MIX WELL, GUYS.

+ Sprinkle with sugar, not salt.

+ These are lighter, fluffier scones than your average store-bought scone. It might be the cream {we probably don't want to know how much butter goes into the store-bought scones... eek!}.


Baked Good #2 for The 23 List.

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