Friday, October 31, 2014

Snapshot // Autumn Changes

Backyard Persimmons

starting a new internship.

going into the city twice a week all by myself.

walking five long blocks to and from the office each time.

enjoying the tech start up atmosphere.

listening to excerpts of TSwift's latest album via Google Play.

wondering how long it will take until the full album is on Rdio.

reveling in yet another Giants' World Series win. YES.

getting watery eyes from how happy and awesome it was.

adjusting to the feeling of being busy once more. I'm out of practice.

munching on all the baked goods I've made recently.

wishing one of the high school besties wasn't leaving forever for Missouri in four days.

remembering how amazing comfortable friendships are.

wrapping my mind around the fact that she's getting married early next year. Whaaat.

thinking of inviting myself over to Cindy's house to meet baby Zachary and bring her ice cream.

working on the weekend.

playing with the Zoe Fuzzbutt and probably getting in her personal bubble much too often.

staring at my room and thinking, "Hmm. I should clean that."

figuring out how #stephtommystephensam4ever will work now that two of them be datin'. Hm.

making to do lists. All day, errday.

noticing the trees are starting to turn color.

breathing in the fresh rain smell.

feeling a little unsettled by all the change happening.

deciding it will all figure itself out and...

reminding myself to breathe.

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