Friday, September 5, 2014

The (Belated) 23 List

Handlettering // Dreamers Who Do
 {Dreamers Who Do}
+ try an aerial silks and a barre class.

+ explore more of San Francisco's neighborhoods {list here}.

+ take a road trip... where I'm actually behind the wheel and there are other people in the car.

+ go on a weekend adventure out of state.

+ bake eight new recipes.

+ make a new friend via social media.

+ hike a trail that takes longer than five hours from start to finish.

+ read three nonfiction books, cover to cover.

+ finally learn how to use a camera on Manual, understand Google Analytics, and write HTML code.

+ send snail mail to five people {thank you cards don't count}.

+ volunteer with the local dog shelter.

+ get a haircut I'm not horrified by.

+ go through everything in my room and organize it ALL-- glean, donate, throw away.

+ learn basic car maintenance things {changing the oil, a tire, etc}.

+ attend a live concert.

+ improve my Mario Kart game {because I have none. Ha}.

+ find a reason to wear a sparkly dress.

+ reach 50 Instagram and 500 Pinterest followers.

+ learn to drive stickshift.

+ walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

+ listen to 10 podcasts.

+ start a guest interview series on the blog.

+ foodie adventure as much as possible.

+ get a job.


You know you're getting kinda old when the list starts getting lengthy. At what point do I stop listing things to attempt in one year because it's too unrealistic? *laughs* Here's to a great twenty three!


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  1. Looking for any recommendations on non-fiction books or podcasts, or is part of the charm finding it yourself?

    1. Ooh. I'll take any and all expert advice from the Steben. TELL ME ALL THE THINGS, sir. Moohahaha. (:


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