Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 18

omjsk // Pattern of Pink Leaves
No. 18 // November 29-30, 2014

+ Someone needs to make ALL THESE MOMOFUKU MILK BAR RECIPES with me. Stat.

+ Behind-the-scenes of "Feast", the animated short that precedes Big Hero 6. Both are amazing; if you haven't already watched them, GO NOW.

+ I'm actually really amused by this hipster business name generator. Some of these faux companies sound pretty cool, man.

+ A friend once said that her dream job hadn't been invented yet. And that really intrigued me. With the tech industry constantly growing, these new perk-related positions seem interesting.

+ As an only child, I have a fascination with bunk and loft beds. These fancy, custom-built bunks are definitely dreamy-sigh-worthy. I mean. *siiiiigh


I am trying my best to not do internship related stuff this weekend, since the last four weeks have been non-stop internship and my brain was about to meltdown. So far, we've been moderately successful. Here's to holiday weekends and being productive in other ways besides work! Time for relaxing and crossing things off to-do lists and sleeping early. Happy belated Thanksgiving, friends. I'm grateful for you.

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