Monday, December 1, 2014

Adventuring // Brunch, Big Hero 6, & Boba with the Bestie

Sometimes Janelle and I forget we live in the same town and are both relatively free to play. But sometimes we remember and then we make plans!

A couple weeks ago, she texted and asked if I was free Saturday and if I'd be interested in watching Big Hero 6. Considering the commercials for that movie explain exactly 0% of the plot {seriously, if I had to guess after watching one of their commercials, I would've probably said something along the lines of: "it's about a boy and his blobby white balloon friend... uhhh..."}, I said yes simply because I like hanging out with this girlie. Who CARES what the movie is about when you get to chatter with the bestie?

We had brunch at Cafe Rumi, one of those small neighborhood cafes that has great food, cute decor, and free wifi {not that we were using it, but it's good to know}. When we walked in, it was the busiest we'd ever seen it, especially for a Sunday morning. All the tables were taken and there was a line to the door. But luckily, a tiny table for two opened up just as we got our food, so it all worked out.

Janelle ordered their Gyro Sandwich and I tried the Belgian Waffle. Both are amazing, but I think I'll order something more substantial next time because Janelle says their lunch foods are worth going out of your way for... and I trust her. (:

We had some time to kill before the movie started, so we parked in the Village and wandered around for a while. So many of these shops have been there for ages and I hadn't been inside them for ages, so it was fun to show Janelle all the places I grew up visiting. When you see the same proprietors behind the counter as when you were seven, it's pretty cool.

The Chabot Cinema is our town's one-screen theater and I didn't know this, but tickets are only $5.50 before 6pm everyday and $4 on Tuesdays. Say whaaat? I didn't watch a lot of movies in theaters growing up, and then when I did start going to the movies with friends in high school, we always went to Hacienda Crossings {it's a bigger place where we could split up and watch different movies if we were so inclined... like the time the guys went to watch Cloverfield and we watched Enchanted. Dinner conversation that day was a little strange}.

There was a line of people waiting to buy tickets to see Big Hero 6 when we arrived and we quickly realized we were the only "adults" there with no small humans in tow. We looked at each other and just started laughing. The movie itself was adorable. And the film short preceding it was adorable. And we felt ALL THE FEELS after the movie ended. I seriously just kept saying, "GAAAAH. Can't. Handle," the entire rest of the day.

Walking back to the car, we decided to stop by Cloud 9 and get boba since neither of us felt ready to go home yet. With the sun still shining and lots of people chattering inside, we chose to sit out on their back porch where it was quieter. I think we talked for several hours before realizing that it was getting dark and we should probably head home.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, spending time with friends who've known you since middle school is the best. And definitely needs to happen more often. 

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