Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekend Reading Material // No. 19

{The BEAR. If I had somewhere to put it, I'd consider getting one!}

No. 19 // December 6-7, 2014

+ This hilarious, but adorable song about how long girls take to get ready to go out.

+ I came across this awesome, intense ropes course while doing some research for the internship. I'm so down. Let's go, y'all. It's been decided that next year's STSS Autumn Adventure shall be to Boston, Massachusetts, so that we can see all the changing leaves and DO THIS ROPES COURSE. {And hopefully it's not oppressively humid (summer on the East Coast), and not snowing (winter on the East Coast)}.

+ If you haven't seen this Together Sweater by Toms for Target... you need to see it. Sadly, it's not actually available for purchase {because I'd so get one}.

+ This list of 30 places to visit before you turn 30 is pretty great. I like Steph-en's reaction of "ALL of India? That might take a while."

+ We already know basically ALL the Disney girls are sopranos, but what else do these characters have in common? Here's an in-depth infographic of princess traits that breaks it down for you.


Naps are your friend. Take one this weekend. Happy Saturday, friends!

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