Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The 23 List // December Update

Eden Medical Center // Neon Lights

By the end of December:

explore more of San Francisco's neighborhoods // #STSSWinterAdventure2014 has come and gone and I now have a somewhat better understanding of SF neighborhoods and districts and cross-streets! Staring at a map, judging distances and potential next destinations, does tend to help you figure out how everything relates to each other. So thanks, friends, for letting me put my navigator skills to good use and for all the adventures! :D More on our time in the city coming to the blog in January!

take a road trip... where I'm actually behind the wheel and there are other people in the car // this was supposed to happen during our #STSSWinterAdventure2014, but didn't. Tommy and Steph did all the driving. Sooo... obvs more road trips need to be taken, guys! Anyone down?

read three nonfiction books, cover to cover // Delancey by Molly Wizenberg. I originally thought it was the story behind Delancey Street, a restaurant on the waterfront here in SF, but it's actually about a husband and wife team in Seattle and the origin story of their crazy popular pizza place. And holey moley. As an undeniable bookworm, I rarely put down a book until I finish it {unless it's truly awful}, so me saying that "I couldn't put it down" doesn't mean as much as it could, but this book was particularly fascinating. Not kidding when I say it's now one of my top five favorites and I highlyhighlyhighly recommend. Because who doesn't like origin stories and pizza and behind-the-scenes secrets? So. Good.

read three nonfiction books, cover to cover // Keeping It Civil by Margaret Klaw. I could see this book being recommended reading for a Psych or Comm class on interpersonal relationships. It's an easy read, but so interesting because it's a look at divorce and adoption and family law from the lawyer's POV, someone who has seen hundreds {if not thousands} of cases and can now point out patterns and similarities in the human behavior during those difficult times. Learned a lot from this one and would definitely read again/buy a hardcopy for my own bookshelf.

read three nonfiction books, cover to cover // checked out hardcopies of Unruly PlacesCreative Confidence, and The Tastemakers. We'll see which I make it through {not in love with the fact that the library put only the hardcover versions on hold for me... I'm a paperback girl all the way}.

go through everything in my room and organize it ALL-- glean, donate, throw away // BASICALLY DONE. It was so helpful to have a hard and fast deadline for getting this done {aka Steph's arrival in NorCal} because otherwise, I'm pretty sure it never would've happened. So thanks, girlie, cause I can see my floor now! *hee* No, but seriously. I can. It's kind of weird.

reach 50 Instagram and 500 Pinterest followers // done and done-- as of right now, we're at 53 Instagram and 505 Pinterest followers. I always feel super self-absorbed when I write about this particular item on the 23 List, but it IS fun to keep track of numbers. So yay?


I think the biggest thing this month was getting through a few of those nonfiction books. Although... to be honest, those books are as close to fiction as nonfiction will ever get {autobiographies are nonfiction's way of keeping it interesting-- especially with the whole "truth is stranger than fiction" thing}. Still, progress was made on The 23 List! Here's to an amazing 2015 and happy new year, friends!


September/October update here. November update here.

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