Monday, February 23, 2015

A Baby Shower

Stephanie & Mike's Baby Shower // Raspberry Swirl Cupcake
Stephanie & Mike's Baby Shower // Gloria & Me
 ^ Gloria and me! She's fun. Cousins are great.^
Stephanie & Mike's Baby Shower // Dessert Table
 ^ Everything on the table, including the cupcake stand, are hand/homemade by various cousins. Skills. ^
Stephanie & Mike's Baby Shower // Party Games
^ Party games in progress. And the current baby of the family-- Bella. ^
Stephanie & Mike's Baby Shower // "I Rock" Onesie
^ My favorite onesie of the day, made by Jonathan {he also made the cupcake stand up there}. ^
Stephanie & Mike's Baby Shower // "Elephant Love" Onesie
 ^ Adorable onesie, made by Gloria. Those teeny elephants! D'awww. ^
Stephanie & Mike's Baby Shower // Welcome Baby Boy Garland

Mike and Stephanie are expecting a baby boy any day now and we're so excited for them! {Apparently I somehow forgot to take a picture of the happy couple, though, so photog fail on my part... oops}. Their family baby shower {as opposed to her baby shower with friends and people} was this past weekend and there was onesie-making and food galore.

These two kidlets are seriously the coolest kids in the family {and let me tell you, there are a LOT of cousins that they're beating out for that title... mostly because the rest of us just don't have that innate, effortless COOL}. They're super welcoming and friendly and nice and awesome and... I can't even. Just too much cool. They are that couple that everyone either wants to hang out with or just straight up BE.

I wrote in their card: "Congrats congrats! You guys are going to be awesome parents and Baby Boy will be the coolest kid around. Love, us." And all that's basically true. These two. There aren't enough words for how much I like them.

Plus, I found out during the party that Stephanie's an OT and we both squee'd and chattered on about the topic for, like, half an hour. We agreed-- she gives me OT advice, I'll babysit after Baby Boy arrives. :P

Congrats again, dearhearts! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you!

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