Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 23

BeTheWhy // Joe's Coffee at Columbia University
^ via Barbara Yang aka BeTheWhy ^
No. 23 // February 21-22, 2015

+ One of the mentors of one of my mentors {how's that for convoluted?} wrote an article about asking for advice, not permission at work. And it's pretty good.

+ A teen's perspective on social media {although as a young twenty-something, I still find it mostly applicable. only difference-- I am completely unfamiliar with some of the "newer" platforms mentioned. does that make me old?}.

+ I definitely geeked out when I heard TSwift and Karlie were sharing Vogue's Power Issue cover this March. This "Best Friend Game" video made me laugh. If you listen closely to them during Round One, it's pretty great.

+ The besties were not happy when I shared this with them cause heights are not their thing, but... this list of awesome, amazing, hard-to-look-down views is pretty killer. Even I got a little weak in the knees looking at some of these pictures and I was 1: sitting down and 2: not afraid of heights. So. Be forewarned. {The places are gorgeous though if you can stomach the height}.

+ And lastly, this long read about sex economics in the collegiate Greek system. I found it fascinating and, while the article is written about USC in particular, I think it applies to basically every college campus.

If you're not used to reading wordy, scientific articles, this might feel a little hard to get through, but it really is worth it. If you ARE used to reading wordy, scientific articles, this is kind of like that, but more prose, less numbers.


Heppeh weekend, frieeends! 

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