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STSS Spring Adventure 2015 // Day One: Road Trips & Cookie Talks

^ My selfie game needs work. As soon as I took this picture, I dropped my phone so far under my seat, we had to move the entire thing all the way back in order for me to retrieve it. D: First world probs. Also, foggy weather apparently turns me into a ghost. Boo. ^
^ The difference between farmland and cow pastures. O.o ^

^ She may kill me for this picture, but I missed her face, so I'll put it here. Those cheeks! ^

When you get a random text that says, "I wanna go to LA," you must immediately reply, "Down. When," and begin mentally figuring out logistics.

I suppose one of the major perks of not being employed/in school at the moment is that I'm free to play when opportunities arise, no matter how last minute. A couple weeks ago, Tommy mentioned that he wanted to go down to SoCal and since I didn't have any plans, I asked if I could tag along. We've done this same weekend road trip thing before, last August, so we had a vague recollection of how to plan this one.

The general schedule was something like:
Thursday: leave NorCal in the morning, get to LA by early afternoon, bother about during the afternoon with whoever is available in Westwood, split up to hang out with separate friends, sleep over at those separate friends' apartments.
Friday: Do whatever in the morning, meet up and drive down to Steph in Orange County in the afternoon, hang out, Stephen shows up later that evening after work, everyone sleep over at Steph's.
Saturday: We leave this entire day free because we never know what we'll all feel like doing that day. We just know STSS Adventures will be had. We did know that the guys would leave that night for San Diego, while I would stay over with Steph another night.
Sunday: I'd go to church with Steph, have lunch con su familia, the guys would drive back up to OC, Stephen drives home to Westwood, Tommy and I head back up to NorCal.

It was an excellent weekend.

Thursday went exactly as planned. Our road trip down to SoCal took the same amount of time as when we went in August, even though we took a break mid-trip this time. The weather was super wonky. It went from foggy when we started out to sunshine to pouring rain to sunshine to dust storm {to the point where the car in front of us would disappear from view and visibility was only a few feet in front of our car D: } to just enough drizzle to get the car dirty and finally back to sunshine. It was ridiculous.

We also hit a tumbleweed. {Technically, it was the tumbleweed's fault. So.}

After spending the afternoon just hanging out in the apartments with very kind GOC seniors, Tommy went to go meet up with friends for dinner and I walked down to Westwood to find Evelyn. She's a good one. Even though she'd just taken an intense law school final and had to study for the next one, she took the time to grab food with me and chatter a bit over dinner once we got back to her apartment. She's awesome. She and I will be making this same NorCal > SoCal > NorCal trip in July for a friend's wedding, so we'll be able to talk more then. For now, I tried to convince her that I could keep myself occupied {perk of being an only child!} and that she should go study without worrying about me. :P

Mickeyla showed up a bit later and we got to catch up on all the things while she made her dinner and I kept her company. I really do think the best thing we did in college to become better friends was to stop living together. *hah* She knows I mean that in the best way possible-- after two years of being roommates, we'd gotten so good at knowing each other's schedules that we never really had anything new to talk about since we pretty much already knew how the other's day went. Nowadays, we can ask and be genuinely interested in the response {as opposed to asking because we're supposed to and getting a short "it was fine" in reply}. She luckily didn't have too much studying to do that night, so we got to sit on the couch, eat cookies, and talk for several hours. Twas wonderful.

Since I had no plans for Friday morning, Mickeyla jokingly asked if I wanted to go to class with her. And after a moment's thought, I was like, "Yeah, why not?" She was like, "It's four hours of lecture..." and I was totally okay with that. You know you're either quite nerdy or really good friends when you're down to wake up early and sit in class all morning when you're visiting from out of town. Heh.


Later parts of STSS Spring Adventure 2015: morning of day twoafternoon of day two, day three, and day four!


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